Happy Hen Treats Excelsior Nest Box Bedding Pads 15ct.

Happy Hen Treats - Give your eggs a soft landing and your hens a clean place to lay with these handy nesting pads!


Keep your nest boxes clean and safe for eggs with Happy Hen Treats Chicken Excelsior Nest Box Bedding Chicken Nesting Pads. Made from natural Great Lakes Aspen, these nesting pads absorb droppings and odors and provide a safe place for eggs to land and rest without breaking. They make finding and collecting eggs easier and make nesting box cleanup a breeze, too.


Helps keep nesting boxes clean.

Soft material decreases egg breakage.

Sized to fit most nest boxes.


Sustainably sourced from 100% Great Lakes Aspen shavings.

Nesting pad dimensions 9"x12"

Pack of 15


Separate a single nesting pad and fluff to fit your nest box. Keep paper backing attached. 


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