Kmar Heatmount Detectors


Kamar Heatmount® Detectors 25ct

Kamar - A valuable heat detection aid to assist you in identifying cows that are ready to be bred artificially. 

This product is ORMD, and cannot be shipped by air, must go ground delivery.


Detector is WHITE until activated...turns RED when a cow stands to be ridden. This timing mechanism helps assure activation resulting from a standing mount versus a false mount. Glued onto the sacrum, the detector is a pressure sensitive device with a built-in timing mechanism. The pressure from the brisket of a mounting animal requires a minimum of 3 seconds before turning the detector red. Glue included.

Species: Beef & Dairy Cows and Heifers


Catch more cows in heat on time

Increase conception rates,

Reduce calving intervals,

Lower insemination expenses 

Use to double check for repeat services 

It is reliable, efficient and proven effective; detecting heats for 50 years

Stays on securely


Apply with adhesive over sacrum of cow. Check herd morning and evening. The indicator turns from white to red when activated.


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