Y-Tex Ultra Tagger Compact Applicator


Y-Tex Ultra Tagger Compact Applicator

Y-Tex - The Y-Tex Compact Tagger is the most advanced 2-piece ear tag applicator available.

Ergonomical, works with all Y-Tex 2 piece eart tags, including RFID tags.


For the fast and easy application of all 2-piece Y-TEX® ear tags. Features a quick-release pin for application with no snagging or torn ears. Compact design fits easily into the hand. Made from rugged and durable materials for long life.

Species: Beef and dairy cattle, calves, sheep, goats and swine


For use with all Y-Tex® 2-piece ear tags, including RFID and insecticidal tags. 

Ergonomically designed; fast and easy application. 

The most advanced Y-Tex 2-piece ear tag applicator available.

Rugged--Field tested durable applicator

Quick release pin helps prevent torn ears

Compact design fits easily in your hand, pocket or saddle bag


Avoid hitting cartilage or blood vessels when tagging. 

Follow insecticide tag directions before use.


Properly restrain animal. Apply tag to the middle third of the ear between the upper and lower ridges, avoiding the ear veins. Firmly and quickly close the applicator and release. There will be a loud click as the stud goes completely through the hole. Ensure the tag is in the appropriate position before releasing the animal.


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