Y-tex Ultra Tagger Plus


Y-Tex Ultra Tagger Plus

Y-Tex - The Y-Tex Ultra Tagger Plus is a precision tool engineered for sure, swift, clean tag application. Used with Y-tex tags. 


There is virtually no chance of infection as the applicator pin never touches the ear. Instead, the pin pushes against the tag's built-in solid aluminum cone that pierces the ear and then snap-locks into the tag. The tip is blunted during application to eliminate the sharp point. 


Constructed of reinforced, high tech engineered thermoplastics and close precision metal parts for outstanding durability.

Ultra Light, Ultra Fast, Ultra Durable.


Applies all Y-TEX 2-Piece tags except RFID and Tamper Evident tags.


Properly restrain animal. Apply tag to the middle third of the ear between the upper and lower ridges, avoiding the ear veins. Firmly and quickly close the applicator and release. There will be a loud click as the stud goes completely through the hole. Ensure the tag is in the appropriate position before releasing the animal.


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