Z Tag Marking Pen


Z Tag Marking Pen

Z-Tag - Ear tag marking pen for use with Z-Tag brand tags.

ORMD product, must ship UPS Ground.


Black ink pen comes with fine or broad tips that are interchangeable. Specially formulated ink penetrates deep into the ear tag to provide numbering that resists wear and fading and will be readable for a minimum of four years.

Species: Beef and dairy cattle, calves, sheep, hogs, goats and swine


Easy to use. 

Specially designed to work best with Z-Tags. 

Write numbers, letters or supplemental information on blank or pre-printed tags.


Comes with one each fine and broad tip.

For use on Z1 and Z2 Tags.


Remove cap and press down on tip until the ink flows. A heavy ink deposit is necessary for a prolonged life. Replace cap. Let the ink dry before using tag.

Z Tags

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