Z Tag Applicator - One Piece Tags


Z Tag Applicator - One Piece Tags

Z-Tag - This tagger works with all ONE PIECE Z tags including feedlot tags. 



Special pin system applicator pushes cutting tip through ear in one smooth motion. Flips up instantly for fast, easy release to help prevent torn ears and human injury. Pin never touches ear – reduces risk of disease transfer. Locks closed for safe storage in your pocket between applications.

 It is also lightweight and durable. Z Tag Tagger replacement pins are also available.


Constructed of durable glass-filled nylon

Designed for easy, comfortable handling


Do not use existing ear tag holes. Conventional 2 piece ear tags damage and weaken the surrounding ear tissue; application of Z tags in these existing holes could lead to lost tags.

Tag has a sharp point, please exercise caution.

For animals with soft ears: young calves; it is important to grasp the tip of the ear with a free hand and hold the ear taut to add support and ensure complete penetration of the tag tip through the ear.

Does not insert two piece tags.


  1. Flip applicator pin up to tag loading position.
  2. Insert pin into tag.
  3. Straighten self piercing tip and push down onto pin. Make sure tag is fully seated on the pin before tagging.
  4. Rotate tag to the side. Flip the applicator pin down into tagging position.
  5. Tag through the front of the ear only. To apply tag, squeeze handles firmly together and hold closed.
  6. To remove applicator, pull the Z Tags applicator straight down and away from the ear on one single motion. Do not release the applicator handles at any point during step.

When the Z Tags applicator is pulled away from the ear, the pin automatically flips up to eliminate ripped ears and damage to the pin.

Instructions also included with packaging. There is a spare pin located in the bottom of the handle. Use a light lubricant on the applicator and pin to increase workability and guarantee long life.

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