Allflex Universal Total Tagger

Allflex - The Allflex Universal Total Tagger is a convenient tool that applies Allflex EID Tags as well as Allflex Global, Tamperproof and EID Tags. 


Fully adaptable tag applicator to fit the full range of Allflex® tags including EID tags. Constructed of die-cast aluminum with removable colored inserts for different tags. Deep-set jaws make proper tag placement easier. Replacement pins available.

Species: beef and dairy cattle, calves, sheep, goats and swine


Removable black plastic clip for applying EID Tags.

Deep jaw makes proper placement easier.

Grip is designed to ease hand fatigue from repeated use

Comes with 2 pins for different tag styles. 

Rugged applicator for long life. 


Applicator comes with 2 clips and 2 different pins to assure proper use with all Allflex tags. 

Deep jaw allows better placement of tags.


Place visual/female tag in clip with number side out. Place male tag or button on pin. Position tagger over ear and squeeze quickly and release to place tag in the animal’s ear.



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