List of products by brand Arko Laboratories

ARKO Labs was established in 1980 and has been a leader in the swine and turkey biologics industry for the past 28 years. ARKO Labs, located in Jewell, IA, develops and manufactures vaccines for commercial use.

ARKO Labs, Ltd. develops, manufactures and markets vaccines for the swine and turkey industries. Located in Jewell, Iowa (20 miles north of Ames) our mission is to make a superior product at an affordable price. With three on-staff veterinarians, ARKO strives to meet the needs of our clients through value-added technical support and consultation. As a biologics company our focus is to produce and market products that protect against diseases which reduce livability and growth rate in swine and poultry. Our goal in producing vaccines is 3 fold - first to provide a product that is easily administered through an emphasis on oral/waterline delivery. Second, we concentrate on modified live products because they are effective at stimulating all areas of the immune system that are required for protection against diseases. And third, we emphasize vaccines that are potentially important in food safety such as our Salmonella and E. coli products. As an innovator in the biologics industry, ARKO labs has been a pioneer in developing vaccines by bringing the first federally licensed H.E. vaccine for turkeys onto the market in 1987 and also the first and only live turkey erysipelas vaccine marketed in 1991. ARKO is also the first company to recognize the cross protection of Salmonella cholerasuis and Salmonella typhimurium in pigs through vaccination with Nitro-Sal. Most recently in 2003, ARKO released the only federally licensed modified live E. coli vaccines for swine. ARKO continually strives to produce the highest quality vaccines for swine and poultry diseases.

Arko Labs - A vaccine that is given orally as an aid in the prevention of edema disease caused by F18-positive E. coli.
Akro Labs -  For prevention of disease associated with the K-88 strain of E. coli, in pigs at 17 days of age or older.