List of products by brand Bock's Identi Company

Manufactuer of innovative, highly visible, indentification products in North America. including Neck Chains, Leg Bands, Dewlap & Brisket Tags, Equine NeckBands, Luggage tags and more

Since its inception in the 1940’s, Bock’s has grown in scope. Bock’s was the first to make a plastic neck chain tag in 1943, an identification leg band in 1959, a brisket/dewlap tag and neck straps for horses in 1964. Bock’s is the most well-known manufacturer of innovative, highly visible, identification products in North America. We continue to grow by providing well designed products, at a fair price, with prompt and friendly service. Bock’s Identi furnishes identification products to a diverse industry base including dairy, ranching, agriculture, industrial, manufacturing, leisure, and more.

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