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Bickmore has been in business for over 100 years providing the consumer with premium, American-made leather care and equine products.

It all began in the early 1880’s in Old Town, Maine when the Maine logging industry lost valuable production time due to the sores suffered by draft horses. The harnesses used on draft animals often caused irritation, which produced sores called galls. A severe case of gall would render a horse temporarily unworkable, affecting business productivity. Recognizing the universal severity of the problem, A. Parker Bickmore began looking for a cure for galls. In a two-quart dish in his kitchen, Parker Bickmore, in 1882, formulated a salve that proved to promote rapid healing of the horse galls. This unique product has stood the test of time for over 120 years! Today, the Bickmore company is dedicated to creating the best products available, including our comprehensive line of leather care. Bick 4 is our best seller, and with endorsements from boot-makers like T.O. Stanley, Old Gringo, and Lucchese, we believe our leather care is second to none. Our commitment to making our formulas the the old fashioned way, in small batches, mostly by hand honors our promise to keep it made in America. Our devotion to creativity, hard work, strength and uncompromising integrity is shown in every product, old and new.

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