List of products by brand Advance Agri Solutions

Our mission is to identify and develop beneficial products for the dairy industry utilizing the latest technology and research and market these products by partnering with reputable and professional distribution companies

The goal of Advanced Agri Solutions continues to focus on niche products that meet specific needs in the dairy industry such as transition cows health and preventive care for calves. The products are marketed thru distributors that deliver to dealers that provide service and products to end-users. The end users are veterinarians, feed mills and dairy producers. The company goal is to maintain product quality and continue to improve the existing products while developing new products. Our objective as a company is to link the nutritional needs of the dairy farm with information emerging from the academic community through cost effective products. AAS products increase the profitability of a dairy business by increasing the growth or the milk production of the animal through better nutrition and improved health. Not only is production increased but also the cost of treating sick animals is decreased. Our products empower the dairy farmer through acquisition of useful information that will help him operate a profitable business. Dairy farmers are the end users of our products, but our customers are companies that provide products and services to the dairy farmers. These include veterinarians, nutritionists, feed distributors or animal health suppliers. AAS products give these businesses another tool to use in animal care and another source of income, but it is the farm owner or manager that will apply the products to dairy production, discern their usefulness and reap the benefits.

AAS  - Provides energy and helps lower the risk of milk fever & ketosis.