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Bio-Pro Research, LLC is a privately held company focusing primarily on bio-enzymatic stain and odor technology. With its manufacturing headquarters in a modern 160,000 sq. ft. facility in Hickory, NC, it is strategically located within a day’s drive of 50% of the U.S. population and convenient to the ports of Wilmington and Charleston for exporting its goods to over 84 countries.

Markets served include Healthcare, Eldercare, Sanitation, Hospitality, Veterinary, Pet, Dry Cleaning, Flooring, Marine/RV, Mass Retail, and Commercial Aviation.n late 2003, following more than two and a half years of research and development, Bio-Pro Research launched Urine Off® into the marketplace. Utilizing a proprietary blend of enzymes and bacteria as the basis for safe cleaning, Urine Off avoids the use of harsh chemicals that are unsafe for human beings. Urine Off is environmentally friendly and outperforms chemical cleaners in most cases. Most importantly, Urine Off eliminates offensive odors by destroying the source of the smell. Bio-Pro Research and Urine Off have been an astounding success with national and international distribution, introducing an entire line of products safe for people and pets. Extending the innovative technology of Urine Off, the Bio-Pro line introduces new ecologically responsible solutions to similarly intractable problems, such as blood, red wine, and coffee, that have never been dealt with effectively by other products. Bio-Pro Research leads the way in the responsible manufacturing of its unique approach to stain and odor removal by having 81 of its biobased products certified in the new USDA BioPreferred® certification program. The new USDA program gives consumers an objective comparison tool, because the testing is done under strict ASTM Standards at an independent laboratory under the direction of the USDA. Finally, consumers have a clear, easily distinguishable standard for selecting products that are formulated with renewable resources. Urine Off, the company’s flagship brand, was the first product in the Bio-Pro Research lineup to earn certification.

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