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Today Silver Lining Herbs is a world leader in natural herbal support for horses and dogs, with tremendous sales growth as word has spread of the effectiveness of Silver Lining Herbs. Yet, it remains a family-owned company, with a passion for helping people take optimal care of their animals for both health and performance. This ethos has its roots with Lavern Young, father of Silver Lining founder Mickey Young. A cattle rancher and range rider for the Bureau of Land Management for over 20 years, Lavern grew up in close proximity to the Navajo Indians, from whom he learned a great deal about medicinal herbs and their beneficial uses for both human and animal. All of these life experiences came together to form a commitment to seeking health naturally, a commitment shared by his wife Ruth Young, who became an herbalist in her own right, respected throughout the community for the quality of the herbs and advice found at her store. Growing up on his family’s ranch, Mickey saw firsthand the powerful effects that herbs can have on humans and animals, and learned how to blend the right combinations to support various systems in the body. When he became a rodeo champion and then rodeo stock company owner, he applied his knowledge of herbs to over 200 head of horses and bulls, and proved the effectiveness of his choices over and over again as they remained healthy high performers in the face of a heavy travel schedule. Mickey was so successful in keeping his stock in optimum health that he provided over 60 head of rough stock to the National Finals Rodeo. Now retired from the rodeo stock business, Mickey still team ropes, and works to build Silver Lining Herbs. Wherever the future takes Silver Lining, you may be certain of one thing: providing the best possible resources for natural health will always come first. Every horse and dog deserves to have the best health possible, and that’s what Silver Lining is all about.

Chances are, you have fed your animals, or have even taken yourself, nutritional supplements of one type or another. We’ll bet that some worked, and some didn’t. Reasons they might not have worked include: not the right type of supplement, didn’t give enough, didn’t allow enough time, and unfortunately, poor quality. It’s this last reason that causes understandable anger among customers, matched only by the frustration of manufacturers of high-quality supplements. You see, those of us with truly effective products of the very highest quality are put at a disadvantage by those who produce cheap knockoffs. For example, you, the customer, hear that a particular type of supplement is really effective at reducing the effects of joint degradation. You try a particular brand, it does nothing, so you then dismiss the entire category as worthless. When that happens, if we produce a product in that category, we’ll never get to show you that ours actually works. It pays to keep in mind that even if it carries the lowest price tag, the most expensive supplements on your shelf are the ones that aren’t working.

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