List of products by brand Dr. Naylor

Dr. Naylor’s topical medications aren’t just the old standard; they’re the gold standard. Our carefully crafted, proven “dependables” have helped people protect the health of their animals since 1926, and that’s not all… While most companies are focused on profits, we at the H. W. Naylor Company Inc. make customers satisfaction our first priority. For example, when competitive cyclists began using our Udder Balm for their own personal use, we formulated a product – Biker Balm – to meet their specific needs. As we look to the future, we plan to continue our tradition of outstanding customer service while we expand our offerings – and our reach. We welcome opportunities to better serve our customers, and are eager to see how Dr. Howard Naylor’s “tinkering” continues to heal animals and humans alike.

Dr. Naylor  - Dehorning Paste provides a quick, economical method of dehorning young animals at any time of the year. One application over horn button does it. No...