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CalDensity® can eliminate dramatic amounts of your operating costs by reducing your vet costs and need for additional supplements. CalDensity® contains organic calcium proteinate . In addition, it was shown to be toxic free and imbalance free

Our product is the result of over 100 years of experience by the primary development contributors. Our goal is to revolutionize the building and maintaining of the most healthy and strong equine athlete that has ever been produced. We have two CalDensity® formulas that are designed to provide maximum benefits for horses in training or on the farm. The CalDensity® formulas can eliminate dramatic amounts of operating costs for our clients. Our clients can save up to $10 per day, per horse based on the investments they currently make in feed supplements. Either CalDensity® Black or White Label, is safe to feed alongside of any complete feed or other supplement. Financial savings and the health of your horse get to increase simultaneaously. The removal of vitamins, minerals and amino acids from the compounded feeds represents significant savings, while the health benefits of are far reaching as well. For many clients, we are confident that the reduction or elimination of many veterinary costs, including surgeries, often pays for CalDensity® and a lot more.

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