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Since our first Quick Muzzle® order in February 1985, Four Flags Over Aspen, Inc. has been designing, manufacturing, and distributing a variety of unique pet products with veterinarians¹ needs in mind. Our goals were simple: to create products for pet professionals that would simplify and improve animal control and care, and to provide fast, friendly, and fair customer service. Each of Four Flags' designs started in a veterinary exam, surgery or waiting room with an idea for a quicker, more efficient way to complete a procedure or handle a pet. Initially, Dr. Kenton Flaig, my big brother and master of streamlining veterinary-office practices, targeted several areas where current animal-control products were lacking in functionality and design. After several months of creating, testing, and refining a few prototypes, my Quick Muzzle® was ready for local production and Four Flags Over Aspen, Inc. was born. Which usually raises the question: Where did we get the name? •Four - one brother, three sisters, each with different start-up skills •Flags - as in Flaigs, which is our family¹s surname •Over Aspen - home of sister No. 2 and where we hatched the idea for the business. As our ideas became products, the business along with a small staff, moved into our house in rural Southern Minnesota, which was shared by my husband and two children, along with assorted indoor and outdoor four-legged critters (cats, dogs, ponies, horses, rabbits, you-name-it). Shortly after the launch of the Quick Muzzle®, the Cat Sack™ was created using the same methods. Over the years, often with the helpful suggestions from our customers, our original product designs have expanded to include additional sizes, styles and improvements, always with our original goal in mind. After 15 years and a number of additions to our workspace, we left the country for St. Clair, MN, where we occupy an expanded, renovated turn-of-the-century (that¹s the previous one) main street building. And now, as we enter our 31th year, we're proud to have served thousands of veterinarians, groomers, animal-control officers, university professionals, and pet owners worldwide, who have come to trust the quality, durability and reputation of Four Flags' products - and the guaranteed service behind them. Our goal continues..

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