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Several years ago the owners of The Franklin-Williams Company became aware of the necessity for equine veterinarians to use a variety of materials to assemble bandages for use on the leg of the horse following injury or surgery. Using components commercially available was a time consuming process and the end product was often a "make-do" solution. Working closely with equine veterinarians, The Franklin-Williams Company has been a pioneer in the development of bandage products designed specifically for equine use. Our consulting veterinarians are among the leaders in equine veterinary practice. The company was started in 1993 and remains dedicated to the development and manufacture of the highest quality bandage products for the horse athelete. This is our only business which means we can focus on quality and service to the veterinary community. We have recognized the preferences of practitioners and developed a range of bandage products to accomodate various needs. Currently we offer 25 equine bandage products which includes individual ready-to-use sterile and nonsterile bandages, bulk rolls and a trauma kit for emergency use. Cotton is a major component of our products and we use medical grade cotton controlled for weight and bioburden. This cotton is grown and processed in the USA. Our products are used by hospitals, clinics, schools of veterinary medicine, and equine practices across the USA.

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