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Since 1946, Happy Jack has manufactured high quality, effective animal health products for dogs, cats and horses. As a result of our commitment to safe and effective animal health care within the agricultural markets over the last 60 years, Happy Jack has developed strong brand recognition and consumer loyalty within America’s kennel owners, breeders, outdoor sportsmen, and farmers. Happy Jack products are approved and regulated by the FDA, EPA and state Departments of Agriculture and sold over-the-counter throughout better farm, feed and hardware stores throughout the U.S.A. Like a lot of great American success stories,Happy Jack is a company born of necessity. It was the early 1940s in Snow Hill, NC. James G. Exum had a kennel full of beloved beagles and mange was making their lives miserable. Being a tinkerer, an amateur chemist, and the owner of a very large Pharmacology book, James went to work in his garage and mixed up a batch of mange medicine that worked better than anything else on the market. Vet care was not always available or affordable in those days, so as different ailments struck his dogs, James would create treatments to cure them. Word spread, demand for his home remedies grew, and suddenly James was in business. Fittingly, the name Happy Jack came from James’ most prized beagle, Contentnea Jack.

From the beginning, Happy Jack has been a family business. James’ sons Joe and Ashe, helped grow Happy Jack over the years, expanding the product line and distribution. Today, Happy Jack has its third generation at the helm. Joe’s son Manning, who has worked at Happy Jack since he was a kid, is leading the Happy Jack business into the future. Alongside him are employees who’s families have worked at Happy Jack for two and three generations. It’s a special place indeed

Much has changed since the early days, but for Happy Jack, it’s always been about a love for animals and making products that are safe and effective.

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