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A division of Central Life Sciences, a leader in insecticide manufacturing and distribution, VPL was one of the first companies to manufacture home and yard flea and tick control solutions for veterinarians. These solutions have been used to protect millions of dogs and cats and their homes against flea and tick infestations. VPL also offers a unique solution for inflammation in dogs, cats and horses. For over 13 years, the Duralactin® brand has helped veterinarians help their patients have a better quality of life by managing inflammation. A strong player in veterinary medical and surgical devices, VPL offers quality sutures, infusion therapy, blood collection tubes, and more under the BD brand. Our VPL Sutures have been chosen for over 9 million veterinary surgeries. VPL products are currently distributed in the U.S. and parts of Europe.

VPL works closely with veterinary professionals to identify market needs and provide innovative solutions. Among our unique products is the Duralactin® brand, an approach to managing inflammation in dogs, cats and horses to promote normal activity and wellness.

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