List of products by brand DBC Ag Products

DBC Ag Products specializes in innovative biotechnology solutions that utilize practical research and proven technology to meet agribusiness needs through the use of applied microbiology, enzymology, and immunology. The First Arrival® product line is one of many developed by DBC Ag Products to protect and improve animal health. History DBC Ag Products was born out of a third generation family business active in manufacturing fermented sausage products. The discovery of a new process to speed up the fermentation of bologna led to breakthrough product development, which resulted in the founding of DBC Ag Products in 1984. We continue to maintain our ties with the family bologna business while becoming a leader in animal health. Commitment to Excellence DBC Ag Products is led by Dan Baum; who has built upon a degree in agriculture from Penn State University with over 20 years of experience in microbiology. In addition, our staff has practical expertise in the business and sales sides of agriculture and animal health. Partnering with other quality-driven companies has enabled us to grow and increase efficiency while remaining exceedingly responsive to our customer’s changing needs. We are most proud of our reputation for top-quality products and outstanding service. Product Focus We offer a broad range of biotechnology-based animal health products for many different species. Our flagship line addresses calf health, providing a healthy calf protocol that includes a variety of products that can dramatically reduce mortality and morbidity in calves. We also offer products for adult beef and dairy cattle. Our Nutri-Core® product line is a vital part of the poultry health programs offered by one of the largest poultry management companies on the east coast. And since we recognize that many of our customers have unique situations and unique animal health needs which may require a specialized response, we will partner with them to develop a private-label product designed to meet their specific needs.

DBC Ag Products - Fast acting First Arrival® Calf Formula Paste w/Encrypt® - our exclusive organic carbon source is specially formulated to help calves cope with the stress...