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Animal Healthcare Products was established in 1985 and after years of hard work, • PREDICT-A-FOAL™, is now the best selling foaling predictor kit in America. • RECOVERY EQ™, award winning nutraceutical leading a new generation of anti-inflammatory and joint healing management. For over three decades, we have worked with horse owners in creating a holistic view to horse care. From conception to birth, from yearlings to seniors, we have viewed care as a way of life. We have worked with expecting horse owners to make their foaling experience safer and more predictable. We have developed formulations to help mares produce healthy offspring. We have given foals all the nutrient requirements needed for success in their ever challenging growth phase. And we have now added a new generation of medicine that addresses the underlining issues of inflammation and healing. Internationally, Animal Healthcare Products is working with researchers and innovators to bring a new generation of quality products and services to your door.

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