List of products by brand Vogeler Manufacturing

We are a manufacturing facility located in the North Loup River Valley. We have been proudly manufacturing and distributing products for the last 12 years. Many people know us for our Shoofly brand of products which include the new patent pending Shoofly Mask, and the patented Shoofly Leggins that have set the standard for chemical free fly control in the equine industry. We are also well respected in the drywall industry for our innovative tool the patented DL Ripper that makes it able for even a novice to have perfect cuts every time. Also, for our patent pending Mud-Mizer sponge that once wet, fits over mud pans to keep dry wall mud, and joint compound from drying out. We are also proud to announce that we have just brought back our manufacturing of American Flags it is an honor to be producing these right here in America

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