List of products by brand Ideal Instruments

Neogen’s Ideal® Instruments subsidiary, founded in 1931, maintains a leadership role in the development of precision veterinary drug delivery instruments to help minimize drug residues that might otherwise find their way into meat and milk supplies. The company’s line of patented detectable needles greatly lessen the chance that a broken needle would ever arrive on a dinner plate. Neogen also offers its veterinary products through a continuing program of instituting exclusive supply agreements with major farm and ranch retailers.

Ideal - Engineered for the user who prefers a dual-action instead of a single pull instrument
Ideal Instruments - A dependable calf puller. The cam jack moves easily on its smooth shaft. The tension is released with the press of a lever.  Case sold...
Ideal - High-quality, nickel-plated steel handle for use with OB chains or straps for manually assisting in the delivery of newborn animals. OB Chains, Straps, and Snares...
Ideal - Fabricated from high grade steel cable and features a thimble for use with OB Handle. OB Handle sold separately!