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The story of Nature’s Miracle is truly one of serendipity, hard work, and continuous dedication to quality innovations. What is now known as a line of effective pet solutions began humbly with founder Joe Weiss who, as an active member of his community, set out to create a simple clean-up product that could be used safely in area preschools. His first formula proved to be extremely effective and was loved by the many teachers who used it in their classrooms. They were amazed that a product could be gentle enough to use around young preschoolers, but strong enough to take on the worst kid messes; from juice spills to tracked-in dirt and mud, this new product seemed to be able to handle it all. Perhaps this is why one such preschool teacher and avid user of Weiss’ formula turned to it during a moment of need. She had returned home one evening to find that her beloved pet had an accident on her brand-new carpet and, desperate for a solution, she applied the product that had worked so well in her classroom. It worked! The formula had removed all traces of her pet’s illness and returned her carpet to its original, pristine state. Extremely pleased, she immediately called up Joe Weiss to let him know of the incredible versatility of Nature’s At Nature's Miracle, we are all about solving your pet problems.Miracle. As a pet-parent to his own mischievous and sometimes accident-prone cat, Joe Weiss immediately saw the importance of creating a pet specific clean-up solution. He quickly produced a new edition of his popular Nature’s Miracle called “Pet-Mess Easy Clean-Up.” The new product sold out in less than 48 hours! To this day, the Nature’s Miracle team of experts work to create some of the best pet solutions in the industry, inspired by Weiss’s Nature’s Miracle Original Stain and Odor Remover. And so it went, Nature’s Miracle solutions became instant staples in the homes of pet parents everywhere-- there simply isn’t anything else on the market that utilized pet and family-safe ingredients to effectively remove pet stains AND odors. At Nature’s Miracle, we work tirelessly to meet Weiss’ original standards in providing effective and safe pet solutions. As parents to our own quirky, loving, and playful pets, we understand exactly where pet parents are coming from and are constantly on the lookout for new areas in which Nature’s Miracle can fulfill this promise. From cleaning solutions to training and behavioral aids and everything in between, Nature’s Miracle provides solutions for a clean home and a happy, healthy pet.

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