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ImmuCell has a dedicated group of employees who are actively developing, manufacturing and selling innovative products such as First DefenseĀ®, the #1 product administered to calves for scours prevention. Our corporate capabilities and technical expertise include the following ImmuCell Corporate Capabilities USDA licensed manufacturing facility Clinical-scale cGMP manufacturing capability Biosafety Level 2 infectious disease research laboratories QA/QC facility for licensed biologicals and diagnostic assays Worldwide sales and marketing to the dairy and beef industries Fermentation technology development Technical Expertise Large-scale polyclonal antibody production Diagnostic assay development Microbial vaccine development Milk and whey processing Several patents issued Bovine Technical Focus Lactation physiology Mastitis management Enteric disease prevention and diagnostics Vaccine development Regulatory Expertise USDA and FDA experience Clinical trial capabilities ImmuCell is a public biotechnology company that is developing, manufacturing and selling products that improve animal health and productivity in the dairy and beef industries. Our product focus encompasses prevention, diagnosis and treatment of economically important bovine diseases. michael

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