List of products by brand ThaMa-Vet

ThaMa Vet specializes in the development and manufacture of state-of-the-art automatic syringe systems and injectors for veterinary and healthcare applications.

ThaMa-Vet offers a wide range of innovative self-refilling veterinary syringes designed for mass vaccination. The company supplies high-quality easy-to-use syringes and accessories to poultry, livestock, fish and small animal producers, as well as healthcare professionals. The syringe product line includes fixed-dosage, variable-dosage and multi-purpose syringes.

Globally recognized for outstanding precision, reliability and durability, ThaMa-Vet syringes are produced with the finest materials and undergo stringent quality assurance processes.

To ensure each product contributes to more accurate, efficient and user-friendly vaccinations, ThaMa-Vet works closely with farmers, healthcare professionals and vaccine manufacturing companies. Together we keep developing and improving our products, so we can continue to provide the best automatic syringes.

ThaMa-Vet’s vast experience and expertise in veterinary syringes is a product of over 60 years of dedication and a service-centric approach. Since its inception in 1956 the company has expanded its global reach and developed a wide network of partners and distributors.

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