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What’s the advantage of buying from a family owned and operated manufacturer? The very best quality and service. Laube Brand products work hard for YOU. Making your job easier has always been our first priority. Our inventions prove to be the latest in cutting edge technology and craftsmanship. From the get go the Laube family has worked hard creating Laube Brand products what it is today. Wild Animal, Kelco, and Super Coats, Faux Paws, and Nature’s Choice brands were all formulated by Mr. Laube and are proudly MADE IN USA. These brands are natural, have some of the highest concentration, and are superior quality in the industry. Why? He’s had time to perfect every formulation

Our Vision To remain the innovative leader in all aspects of the Professional Pet Grooming industry. They say imitation is flattery. Well, we’re flattered! We hope to gain your business, and if we already have it: thank you we appreciate your loyalty. Let us know how we can keep your gained trust in our products. Our Goals Bullet To work for you! We welcome your input and strive to continue to stay way above the rest! Bullet Continue to grow our natural lines of shampoo products. We are of the the only manufacturers to offer such a wide variety of all natural shampoo, conditioners, and specialty products all MADE IN USA. We also offer the largest selection and highest concentration at 50:1. That means more money in your pocket, higher density of ingredients, and superior level of quality. Bullet To always educate the up and rising professionals. We believe that if a Professional Groomer understands why using high quality products, such as Laube, they are guaranteed to be a superior groomer. They are automatically in a category all their own, making more money, working less hours.

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