• 4 Winds Ag
  • Abaxis


    At Abaxis our mission is to supply point of care blood analyzers to the medical market and the veterinarian market.

  • Absorbine


    So we’ve developed a line of horse care products that helps ensure that your horses look, feel, and perform their best, whether on the trail, in the ring, or just hanging out in the barn — anywhere you share those special moments

  • Adams


    Adams™ products take a smarter approach to pet care and makes protecting your family, pet, home, and yard easier and more effective. 

  • Addison Labs

    Addison Labs

    Our mission is to be the premier provider of exclusive and innovative technologies to assist the global betterment of animal care by solving problems for veterinary professionals, animal producers, and pet owners.

  • Advance Agri Solutions

    Advance Agri Solutions

    Our mission is to identify and develop beneficial products for the dairy industry utilizing the latest technology and research and market these products by partnering with reputable and professional distribution companies

  • AG & Industrial Equipment
  • Agri-Pro Enterprises

    Agri-Pro Enterprises

    APE proudly offers one of the largest selections of quality syringes, drenchers and pour on guns available in the United States

  • AgriLabs


    Agrilabs Mission; To be the most reliable, honest and innovative animal health company by providing more value and service to our customers.

  • Agriviv
  • AgroChem


    AgroChem looks for new ways to bring innovative products to dairy hygiene and sanitation.

  • All-Weather
  • Allflex USA

    Allflex USA

    Allflex is the world leader in design, technology, manufacturing and delivery of animal identification for traceability systems across all production. We bring cutting-edge, practical applications of visual, electronic and radio frequency animal identification technology to livestock industries across the world

  • Allied Precision

    Allied Precision

    A wide variety of products spanning the agricultural, pet, wild bird, and pond markets, API® has the right product for all seasons.

  • Alltech


    Helping farmers feed the world, raise healthy animals and protect the environment… naturally!

  • Alpharma Animal Health

    Alpharma Animal Health

    a global leader in the development, registration, manufacturing and marketing of pharmaceutical products for food producing animals.

  • Alta Genetics USA
  • Alta Genetics USA
  • Alta Genetics USA
  • Ambic


    Founded in 1978 Ambic started out life as a contract plastic moulding operation and during the last thirty years it has built up significant expertise in the area of precision moulding and the design and manufacture of semi-technical plastic products.

  • American Animal Health Inc

    American Animal Health Inc

    AAH started business in 1978 as a Nebraska based Corporation, and later became a DBA of Creative Research Laboratories, Inc. a Missouri based Corporation. Principal offices are at Wisner, Nebraska. Originally the company marketed cattle dust bags to several major companies. Sometime in 1983 the Shut-Eye trademark was purchased from Able 2 Products Company in Cassville, Missouri, and the production of the shut-eye patch continues to this day. The canvas used in the patch is biodegradable. The final production process takes place in Wisner, Nebraska

  • Andis


    The Beginnings Andis Company traces its roots back to when Matthew Andis was working at Mitchell Motor Car Company in Racine, Wisconsin, USA as a tool maker and he decided to leave and start his own business. John Oster and Henry Meltzer came to his home and asked to be partners in the new venture. As a result, Andis O M Manufacturing was born around 1920-21. Soon their tool and die company had been contracted to make tooling to produce clipper blades for a hand operated non-motorized hair clipper. This partnership only lasted about a year. When the three split, each started his own company in Racine. Andis quickly developed the Andis electric clipper and began Andis Clipper Company, which evolved into the Andis Company of today. It was officially incorporated in the year 1922. Racine was a hot bed for electrical motors, specifically with the invention of the fractional HP motor. Local companies such as of Hamilton Beach, InSinkErator, Dremel and Andis, used this technology to make blenders, food waste disposers and rotary hand tools. The advantage the Andis clipper had is that it was smaller, faster and delivered a higher performance than other clippers available at the time. This clipper was the first generation of today's Master Clipper, which is still one of Andis' most popular models. Production began in the basement of the Andis family home, and the entire family helped assemble the clippers. Matthew sold them door-to-door to the barbershops of Racine and the surrounding area. American barbers quickly embraced the new Andis Clipper. Initially, Andis rented space in an industrial building to manufacture the electric clipper, but the company grew quickly, and was soon moving again, this time into a new factory building with 16,000 square feet. Today, Andis employs more than 400 people at its 160,000 square foot facility, located just down the street from Racine in Sturtevant, Wisconsin, where lean manufacturing principles have been implemented to ensure top quality products. The Second Generation, 1938 - 1971 Matthew G. Andis Jr., an electrical engineer from Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, became president in 1938 when his father moved to Florida citing doctors orders it would improve his health. He made the move, promoted his 30-year -old son to president and continued to live to the age of 92. Matthew G. Andis, the second president of Andis, is credited with the design of the still popular T-Outliner trimmer. Like his father, he had a background of working at an early age in the business and concentrated on developing the best quality clippers and trimmers in the industry. Andis began exporting clippers and trimmers during the 1930s under the leadership of Matthew G. Andis. The Third Generation, 1971 - 2010 In February 1971, when Matthew L. Andis was 32 years old, he was handed the company reins. About that time, the Beatles were popular, and the barber and beauty industry experienced a huge downturn as hairstyles changed overnight. During this period, Andis expanded in many creative ways: adding hair dryers and curling irons to the product line; entering the animal market with the fast, powerful direct drive rotary motor clipper, which resulted in capturing the majority of the market; and introducing the first wall-mounted hair dryer, installed in hotel rooms all over the world. It was becoming difficult to compete in the hair dryer market with U.S. manufactured models, and in 1977 Matthew L. Andis visited China to explore options. In 1978 Andis produced its first product in China. Today the China factory produces Andis hair dryers, irons, clippers & trimmers. The Chinese production compliments the USA facility, as the majority of volume is still produced in the United States. The greatest level of growth for the company came from the creative leadership and innovation of Matt L. Andis. The Fourth Generation, 2010 - Present Matthew K. Andis was named president of Andis Company on June 1, 2010 at the age of 38. He is the fourth generation to hold the position and shares the responsibility of guiding the company with his sister, Laura Andis, Senior Vice President, Finance, responsible for IT, finance, and human resources. Matt concentrates on operations, sales and marketing. The Andis fourth generation is determined to be successful by incorporating the values their forefathers taught them into the everyday operations of the family business, focusing on communication and respect. "The company is a tremendous responsibility; one that affects many families, not just our own," the Andis' believe. Strong bonds among the employees perpetuate the family-like environment within the Company, while excellence and integrity drive the performance of all. Ensuring continuity and security of the Company is extremely important, so planning for the 5th generation is underway to ensure yet another successful transition. What lies ahead? Andis intends to continue to innovate with new products, to listen to what their markets want, to bring real value to all their markets, and quite simply, to supply products that make people look better and feel better. The fourth generation has developed a strategic planning process that is a way of life, guiding the Company along to its vision, while remaining true to its legacy and roots. Andis continues to grow globally. Almost 80 years ago Andis introduced products to Europe and today these products are available in 90 countries around the world. Barbers, stylists, groomers, and consumers everywhere continue to reach for Andis clippers, trimmers, dryers, blades, curling irons and flat irons when they need top- performing tools. With more product innovation, a long-term strategy and the drive of a dedicated workforce, many more great things are yet to come for Andis Company.

  • Andover
  • Animal Dermatology Labs (ADL)
  • Animal HealthCare Products

    Animal HealthCare Products

    Animal Healthcare Products was established in 1985 and after years of hard work, • PREDICT-A-FOAL™, is now the best selling foaling predictor kit in America. • RECOVERY EQ™, award winning nutraceutical leading a new generation of anti-inflammatory and joint healing management. For over three decades, we have worked with horse owners in creating a holistic view to horse care. From conception to birth, from yearlings to seniors, we have viewed care as a way of life. We have worked with expecting horse owners to make their foaling experience safer and more predictable. We have developed formulations to help mares produce healthy offspring. We have given foals all the nutrient requirements needed for success in their ever challenging growth phase. And we have now added a new generation of medicine that addresses the underlining issues of inflammation and healing. Internationally, Animal Healthcare Products is working with researchers and innovators to bring a new generation of quality products and services to your door.

  • Animal Pharmaceuticals
  • Animal Technology Inc

    Animal Technology Inc

    Animal Technology, Inc. was formed in 1995, after determining that there was a need for a bovine coccidiostat that could easily be administered as a liquid suspension to neonatal calves

  • Animark, Inc

    Animark, Inc

    Animark Inc. has been a leader in the electronic breeding equipment business for over 40 years. We provide the highest quality products and are dedicated to customer satisfaction.

  • Animax
  • Animed


    AniMed™ offers over 110 performance, nutritional, and health care products for horses, livestock, dogs, and cats.

  • Ardes


    Expert in animal identification, injection and drenching equipment

  • Arko Laboratories

    Arko Laboratories

    ARKO Labs was established in 1980 and has been a leader in the swine and turkey biologics industry for the past 28 years. ARKO Labs, located in Jewell, IA, develops and manufactures vaccines for commercial use.

  • Arm & Hammer
  • Aspen Veterinary Resources

    Aspen Veterinary Resources

    We offer a range of products to prevent and treat animal illness and optimize their health and performance including Beef Cattle, Dairy Cattle, Equine, Poultry,Premise , Sheep/Goat Swine Products

  • Aurora Pharmaceutical

    Aurora Pharmaceutical

    Value-added veterinary pharmaceuticals through innovative science and state-of-the-art technologies

  • Back on Track

    Back on Track

    The Back on Track company manufactures joint and muscle protection for humans, equine and pets , which are manufactured from a "ceramic textile" which is sold under the registered brand name Back on Track.

  • Bale Buddy Incorporated

    Bale Buddy Incorporated

    Safe, Affordable, effective hay feeders for all bale types. Bale Buddy feeders keep your hay contained and pay for themselves many times over in saved hay

  • BASF Corporation
  • Batchler Mfg

    Batchler Mfg

    Batchler Manufacturing began in the early 20′s as a small machine shop doing fabrication and repair of farm equipment. By 1933, W. H. Batchler had invented many items including the All-In-One Castrator, Docker and Ear Marker Tool.

  • Bayer Animal Health

    Bayer Animal Health

    Bayer Animal Health is a global leader in animal health. We support the health of animals, as well as the farmers, veterinarians and the families that care for them through our offering of innovative therapies and solutions. Responsible relationships between humans, companion animals, as well as farm animals mean taking care of their health and well-being.

  • Beaver State Plastics
  • Berne Apparel
  • Best Veterinary Solutions, Inc

    Best Veterinary Solutions, Inc

    Best Veterinary Solutions, Inc. is a leader in innovative animal health solutions from the world’s highest quality manufacturers. Our mission is to manufacture and supply products and give support to our animal agriculture customers helping them do the best possible job of caring for their animals at the most reasonable cost.

  • Bickmore


    Bickmore has been in business for over 100 years providing the consumer with premium, American-made leather care and equine products.

  • Bimeda USA

    Bimeda USA

    Established in 1987, Bimeda® is commited to providing market-driven & high quality animal health products throughout the 50 states of America.

  • Bio-Pro Research

    Bio-Pro Research

    Bio-Pro Research, LLC is a privately held company focusing primarily on bio-enzymatic stain and odor technology. With its manufacturing headquarters in a modern 160,000 sq. ft. facility in Hickory, NC, it is strategically located within a day’s drive of 50% of the U.S. population and convenient to the ports of Wilmington and Charleston for exporting its goods to over 84 countries.

  • Bio-Tek Industries

    Bio-Tek Industries

    Manufacturer of several Disinfectant and Deodorant products for gram positive and gram engative bacteria, including Avian Influenza, TB Staph,

  • Bioniche Animal Health

    Bioniche Animal Health

    Discovers, develops, manufactures and markets animal health products worldwide. Headquartered in Canada, the company was formed in 1979 as Vetrepharm to develop vaccines and other pharmaceutical-based products for the preventative health management of animal diseases. It markets a broad portfolio of products for companion animals, horses and the livestock industry, particularly a vaccine for Escherichia coli that has gained marketing approval in Canada but is still under investigation in the U.S.

  • Bock's Identi Company

    Bock's Identi Company

    Manufactuer of innovative, highly visible, indentification products in North America. including Neck Chains, Leg Bands, Dewlap & Brisket Tags, Equine NeckBands, Luggage tags and more

  • Boehringer Ingelheim

    Boehringer Ingelheim

    A guiding principle of the Boehringer family has always been to provide Value through Innovation to our customers. We strive to provide our customers with the most innovative vaccines and pharmaceuticals with the highest therapeutic value in the cattle, equine, pet and swine markets. We believe prevention is a better approach to animal health. Additionally, BIVI supports our customers with a wide range of services that address animal health challenges beyond the bottle. Our vision is to foster the health and well-being of mankind by contributing to an adequate supply of safe and nutritious food and by promoting the emotional and physical benefits arising from the human animal bond. Simply, our hope is to one day vaccinate or provide treatment for all major species.

  • Bonide


    Bonide has been trusted since 1926 as the leader in providing the best possible products and solutions for home, lawn, and garden pest problems.

  • Boss Tools

    Boss Tools

    In 2007, we began research and development of a hand held, extended neck angle grinder, that when paired with the right attachment, could be used to trim hooves. After six years, we had developed a hoof trimming tool that could be used on a multitude of animals. We launched our first trimmer set in 2014 using the brand name Electric Hoof Knife.

  • Bovidr Laboratories, Inc

    Bovidr Laboratories, Inc

    Manufacturer of Nutri-Drench, which is formulated to help establish, restore and/or maintain nutritional balance when their reserves are challenged or depleted. Available for all species of livestock and pets as well as equine

  • Brand Varies
  • Breyer Animal Creations

    Breyer Animal Creations

    Breyer model horses, which begin as artist’s sculptures, are all handcrafted and hand-painted with airbrushes and paintbrushes. Approximately 20 different artisans handle each individual Breyer model from start to finish – a process, which, 62 years later, is still done by human hands, not machines. Even today, no two Breyer model horses are ever exactly alike.

  • Burgon & Ball

    Burgon & Ball

    Burgon & Ball has been working with steel in Sheffield since 1730. Our heritage is extremely important to us, because it's our experience which makes our tools some of the very best you can buy.

  • CalDensity


    CalDensity® can eliminate dramatic amounts of your operating costs by reducing your vet costs and need for additional supplements. CalDensity® contains organic calcium proteinate . In addition, it was shown to be toxic free and imbalance free

  • Caldera


    Today, the expansive Caldera human hot and cold therapy line is a trusted medical product sold throughout the United States, Asia, and Europe serving retail stores, physical therapy clinics, hospitals, and consumers alike. Now Caldera is taking the market lead with a revolutionary Hot and Cold Pet Therapy System (patent pending). 

  • Calf Solutions

    Calf Solutions

    Consistently delivering quality nutrients to preweaned calves can be the foundation for a lifetime of success. Calf Solutions offers dairy producers the right nutritional tools to help their calves meet their genetic potential from birth to weaning.

  • Campbell Pet Company

    Campbell Pet Company

    Campbell Pet Company began decades ago with a simple idea: passionately create and sell quality products that are useful, humane, and practical for the animals we all love. At first, we sold a limited product line to veterinarians and animal service agencies. Today, we feature hundreds of products for pet-loving professionals and consumers. Our founder, Sam Campbell, has invented many trusted products for the nation’s top veterinarians and technicians. Thousands of professionals safely care for pets with Sam’s humane snappy snares, pole syringes, squeeze cages, and ez-nabbers. In 1984, we began making the country’s most durable and simple rope and flat leashes (now the standards for the industry). We also developed the ever-popular personalized leash, which is a great marketing tool for a facility. Based in the U.S.A., our Vancouver, Washington warehouse/factory employs 40 people whose goal it is to provide the best and safest products for pets. We develop and manufacture many of our products. We also distribute quality products from other reputable manufacturers. Campbell Pet stands behind every one of our products, ensuring your complete satisfaction

  • Cedar Oil
  • Centaur Animal Health

    Centaur Animal Health

    Since it was founded in 1986, Centaur Animal Health business focus has been concentrated in adaptations of proven new technology -- with special emphasis in biotechnology -- converting successes from the human healthcare market to help similar problems in the animal health markets. Centaur’s first products were concentrated in the equine market, and focused on diagnostic technologies that were representative of ‘breakthrough innovations’. One such product is the Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA) diagnostic that was adapted from the human AIDS test and for which a patent was granted in 1995. Centaur, Animal Health and United Agriculture and Veterinary Products, Inc. (Unavet) were two separate Kansas City based animal health businesses that have been operational since the mid 1980’s. Both companies had been engaged in sales activity in separate but complimentary segments of the animal health market. The merging of the two existing companies in 2001 provided efficiencies and growth opportunities available that would not have been available to either company individually.

  • Ceragyn


    The CERAGYN™ product line is specifically formulated with Purifect™ technology, which has multiple patents ranging from wound healing to coated medical devices. Purifect™ has been shown to be effective against gram-negative and gram-positive pathogens, biofilm and fungal infections, CERAGYN™ products are designed and formulated specifically for veterinarian use

  • Ceva U.S.

    Ceva U.S.

    Founded in 1999, Ceva has become one of the fastest growing animal health companies in the world. Since 2000, Ceva has completed 26 successful business integrations accounting for 40 percent of overall growth.

  • Cinch


    CINCH Jeans and Shirts has been an innovator and market disruptor in the western clothing industry. The CINCH clothing brand fills a need for quality, performance-ready western jeans and shirts for the western enthusiast both in and out of the arena.

  • Clark's Concepts

    Clark's Concepts

    Clarks Concepts was established in 1997 by Brian Clark the owner and inventor of the A.I.Buddy. We are a family-owned and operated business in west central Illinois

  • Coburn


    Manufacturer and Distributor of quality milking equipment and agricultural supplies.

  • Colorado Serum Company

    Colorado Serum Company

    Full range of large animal biologicals, large animal veterinary instruments, veterinary diagnostics, specialty products, and laboratory reagents.

  • Compass Minerals

    Compass Minerals

    At Compass Minerals, we recognize the finite availability of the essential minerals that we provide and are committed to the responsible stewardship of our resources. This approach to doing business is consistent with our Core Values and critical to Compass Minerals becoming the best essential minerals company for our customers, employees and shareholders. Two key aspects of this commitment include our corporate sustainability principles and the decision to produce Taking Care of Essentials, a data-driven sustainability report that conforms to the Global Reporting Initiative™ G4 framework. This commitment will drive our business strategies, attract top talent, engage employees and drive shareholder value. Our sustainability platform prioritizes the health and safety of people and the environment, and helps us build trust with our valued stakeholders

  • ConairPro Pet Supplies
  • Conklin
  • Control Solutions, Inc

    Control Solutions, Inc

    Control Solutions Inc. (CSI) develops and manufacturers solutions for the professional pest management, commercial turf and landscape, companion and production animal, and consumer lawn and garden markets. CSI provides innovative and alternate-brand products to help control insect pests, weeds, and disease in residential, commercial, and sports properties across the US

  • Coopers Best
  • Corlex International

    Corlex International

    Corlex International and the patented product StopBite™ was created and designed by its owner. Corlex is a Chicago-based company that has developed a patented protective pet collar that is unique in the pet product market in both form and function. The patented collar is designed to prevent a cat or dog from biting stitches following surgery, an eczema wound, a rash, a bandage hot spot or various injuries. The idea for this patented product originated after the owners own dog underwent ACL surgery. The dog was provided with a number of other post surgical collars which proved to be both ineffective and dangerous. The dog ended up back in the hospital after biting around the collar and ultimately biting his staples. Thus, the Patented StopBite™ Protective Pet Collar was born.

  • Corona Summit Industries
  • Corta Flx
  • Cotran Veterinary Instruments & Supplies

    Cotran Veterinary Instruments & Supplies

    Cotran Corporation is a private, family-operated business located in the great state of Rhode Island. Although there are not as many farms within RI as there used to be, Cotran Corp has established itself well within the agricultural industry. Bertrand and Catherine (founders) began their experience in the agriculture world with a small farm in Lancaster, Pennsylvania 30 years ago. With a growing interest in the way the products are developed, Bertrand left the farm to start a business that revolved around introducing new quality products at an affordable price.

  • Country Vet

    Country Vet

    Country Vet is the leader in agricultural insect and odor control. We have created and field-tested systems which are economical, effective and safe. Our insecticides are made with Pyrethrins, a natural extract of Chrysanthemum flowers. In addition, all of our insecticide products are EPA registered and USDA authorized for use in food preparation and handling areas and meet all VOC requirements

  • Covidien/Medtronics


    Covidien is now Medtronic Minimally Invasive Therapies. ... As a leading provider of essential medical products we focus on improving healthcare practices and providing a safer environment for the patient and the healthcare provider

  • Cowboy Magic

    Cowboy Magic

    Cowboy Magic Products crossover between human and equine use. Our Goal is to make everyone SHINE!

  • Creative
  • Creative Science, LLC

    Creative Science, LLC

    Addressing a need in the animal health industry, Creative Science, LLC, is dedicated to addressing the unmet medical needs of animals and the veterinarians who care for them. bigstock-Young-Blue-and-yellow-Macaw---12796757 Creative Science's Mission is to identify, develop and invest in product categories where there are few medical alternatives. To achieve its Mission, the company produces its own products and represents a limited number of items from select manufacturers. Creative Science currently provides products to over 12,000 veterinary hospitals through utilization of its distributor network in the United States. Outside of the United States, the company has active business relationships in several countries in Europe, Asia and South America. Founded by Brad Butler in 2012, Creative Science's product portfolio provides medical solutions in species ranging from companion to production animals.

  • Crosstex


    Crosstex International, a leader in infection control and prevention in the dental healthcare market since 1953 has expanded their offerings to include preventive products for the dental veterinary market, specifically designed to meet the needs of companion animals

  • Cut Heal Animal Care Products Inc

    Cut Heal Animal Care Products Inc

    Cut-Heal® has been a trusted name in animal health care for over 45 years! Multi+Care Wound Care seals, cleans, and aids in the natural healing for cuts, burns, and abrasions. The unique formula of balsam of fir, linseed oil, and fish oil helps prevent scarring, and provides a protective barrier so no bandaging is required. •Comprehensive wound care for horses in a variety of forms to meet your wound care needs •Provides a protective barrier so no bandaging is required •Provides a barrier against flies •Discourages licking and biting of the irritated area •In many cases, hair regrows in the original color

  • Dairy Association/Bag Balm

    Dairy Association/Bag Balm

    Bag Balm is the original remedy for relief, rescue and renewal that helps moisturize and soothe compromised skin. The enduring effectiveness of our timeless formula is proven by 115 years of tried and true uses as the ultimate skin solution

  • Dairy Tech Inc.

    Dairy Tech Inc.

    Give your wet calves a head start on success by improving the nutrition they receive in the very first hour of life, through weaning, using verified protocols for efficient handling and effective pasteurization of colostrum and milk with equipment that has been scientifically proven to actually work.

  • Davis Manufacturing

    Davis Manufacturing

    It is our mission to stand tall in a crowded field of competitors. Did you know that every one of the products in the DAVIS line has not only been designed here in the USA, but are also 100% made in the USA? DAVIS employees take hometown pride in the hand worked craftsmanship that is displayed in every product they produce. Quality, durability, easy maintenance and maximum protection are all natural American made benefits you receive in every DAVIS product.

  • DBC Ag Products

    DBC Ag Products

    DBC Ag Products specializes in innovative biotechnology solutions that utilize practical research and proven technology to meet agribusiness needs through the use of applied microbiology, enzymology, and immunology. The First Arrival® product line is one of many developed by DBC Ag Products to protect and improve animal health. History DBC Ag Products was born out of a third generation family business active in manufacturing fermented sausage products. The discovery of a new process to speed up the fermentation of bologna led to breakthrough product development, which resulted in the founding of DBC Ag Products in 1984. We continue to maintain our ties with the family bologna business while becoming a leader in animal health. Commitment to Excellence DBC Ag Products is led by Dan Baum; who has built upon a degree in agriculture from Penn State University with over 20 years of experience in microbiology. In addition, our staff has practical expertise in the business and sales sides of agriculture and animal health. Partnering with other quality-driven companies has enabled us to grow and increase efficiency while remaining exceedingly responsive to our customer’s changing needs. We are most proud of our reputation for top-quality products and outstanding service. Product Focus We offer a broad range of biotechnology-based animal health products for many different species. Our flagship line addresses calf health, providing a healthy calf protocol that includes a variety of products that can dramatically reduce mortality and morbidity in calves. We also offer products for adult beef and dairy cattle. Our Nutri-Core® product line is a vital part of the poultry health programs offered by one of the largest poultry management companies on the east coast. And since we recognize that many of our customers have unique situations and unique animal health needs which may require a specialized response, we will partner with them to develop a private-label product designed to meet their specific needs.

  • Dechra Veterinary Products

    Dechra Veterinary Products

    Dechra is proud to be a market innovator in veterinary products and services. With key areas of expertise that span dermatology, endocrinology, equine medicine and ophthalmology, Dechra is committed to developing new products and services that enhance the lives of dogs and cats everywhere.

  • Decker Manufacturing

    Decker Manufacturing

    Quality products supported by over 125 years of experience. Decker Manufacturing has researched, tested and improved our product line to assure we provide the finest agricultural products available. Decker pays attention to details that others overlook, like our trademarked GRIP-FIT® grooming brushes designed to “fit” your hand. Grooming seems like less of a chore when you use a GRIP-FIT brush! Decker Manufacturing Company was established in 1878 by “Captain” A.C. Decker, in Bushnell Illinois. He moved the company from Bushnell to Keokuk, Iowa in 1884 and operated in a plant on the levee until 1910. He then built a plant at 312 Blondeau Street. Construction was completed in 1911. Decker continues to operate in this building today. Decker originally manufactured barbed wire, but as markets changed it was necessary to diversify and begin expanding into agricultural products. Decker innovation in the agricultural market has resulted in multiple patents and product improvements especially in the hog ring and curry comb product lines. To this day, Decker Manufacturing is known as the premier supplier of the best American-made agricultural and equine products available

  • Deep Valley Farms Inc.
  • Demotec


    The company Demotec was founded in 1986. Mr. Siegfried Demel is the founder. Meanwhile he has given the company to his son, Alexander Demel. Unchanged is our primary target: consumer satisfaction. All company's activities are subordinated to this goal. Our corporate logo with the "intelligent problem solving" reveals the content of our philosophy. During the past years the main activities were concentrated on two corporate sectors. In our main sector, the veterinary medicine, Demotec has achieved a leading position in systems for bovine hoof treatment - worldwide. This success is caused by offering a complete product range that guarantees ideal solutions for problems in treatment of lameness especially on dairy cows - referring to the customer needs. It is our challenge to offer products - that are very easy to handle - in a high quality at an reasonable price. That our products are always found in leading positions in independent surveys ensures our philosophy. If the products for claw treatment are used in due the benefit for the consumer is enormous. If an ill claw stays untreated, the lactation yield brakes down immediately. As soon as the ill claw is treated properly, the lactation yield comes back nearly to the level of a healthy cow. If you spend 1 € for products for claw treatment you get back more than 10 € through the minimized impact to the lactation yield. Beside the healing of the animal an important economical effect. For the second corporate sector we offer fast curing special resins for material testing. We offer a various product range of cold embedding resins and accessories that present the optimal solution - even for special customer needs. (further information concerning material testing in german language). With the development of new, innovative products and forced public relations we want to take care that our customers are provided well with the important information and that they can decide for the optimal solution in a wide product range. Therefore we are in a permanent dialogue with customers, veterinarians and hoof trimmers to optimize our products. Investments with regard to the future in the main sectors of our company facilitate growth in the future - with growth rates above average. Then, the co-operation is worth for all our customers and partners.

  • DeWolf  & Associates LLC

    DeWolf & Associates LLC

    Specialty Hoof trimming products for all livestock. Manufactured in the United States, Designed for improving and maintaining the health of your animal.

  • Dickies
  • Doc Brannen's

    Doc Brannen's

    A Trademark of Stone Manufacturing & Supply Company with a complete line of Show Supplies for livestock, including Cattle, Sheep, Goats, Pigs and more.

    Doc Brannen started the grooming business supplies in the US over 50 years ago. All products are time-tested, gentle, safe, non-irritating formulas.  Not only do the products perform, but you can count on the performance of the company behind the products.

  • Dr Buzbys Toe Grips

    Dr Buzbys Toe Grips

    Designed for senior, arthritic, and special needs dogs, ToeGrips enable your dog to get up without struggling and walk without slipping

  • Dr. Naylor

    Dr. Naylor

    Dr. Naylor’s topical medications aren’t just the old standard; they’re the gold standard. Our carefully crafted, proven “dependables” have helped people protect the health of their animals since 1926, and that’s not all… While most companies are focused on profits, we at the H. W. Naylor Company Inc. make customers satisfaction our first priority. For example, when competitive cyclists began using our Udder Balm for their own personal use, we formulated a product – Biker Balm – to meet their specific needs. As we look to the future, we plan to continue our tradition of outstanding customer service while we expand our offerings – and our reach. We welcome opportunities to better serve our customers, and are eager to see how Dr. Howard Naylor’s “tinkering” continues to heal animals and humans alike.

  • Dr. T's Nature Products
  • Draminski


    Professional equipment for veterinary, agriculture and livestock breeders, including Ultrasound units, Pregnancy detectors, Moisture Detectors, Thermometers and Estrous Detectors

  • Draw It Out USA
  • Drench-Mate


    Drench-Mate believes in preventative medicine, using both minerals, nutrients and hydration therapy that is based on science and research. Drench-Mate has everything that is needed in our product line to accomplish this from equipment to the minerals. 

  • Dupont


    As pioneers in the development of feed additives, DuPont has developed many successful in-feed solutions that enable both a higher quality meat product and a significant improvement in animal nutrition and health. Many of the solutions offered by Danisco Animal Nutrition have a positive effect on the environment, while others contribute to uniform weight gain, reduce dependence on antibiotics and increase the animal’s ability to absorb nutritional elements from their feed. Excluding disease organisms from an animal’s environment is the most effective form of protection, especially those farmed using modern production techniques. DuPont provides world-leading biosecurity products developed specifically for disease prevention and control in livestock production facilities; farms, fish farms and storage facilities. Pet food manufacturers also benefit from our expertise in antioxidants, antimicrobials, emulsifiers, enzymes and probiotic cultures, with a range of solutions to help maintain shelf life freshness; improve cost and processing efficiency, and optimize texture, flavor and nutrition. DuPont acquired Danisco in 2011, further strengthening its global leadership role in nutrition, health and industrial biosciences.

  • Durvet Animal Health

    Durvet Animal Health

    When Durvet opened for business in 1970, its doors were literally attached to a van carrying its animal health care products warehoused in a tiny 500 square foot rented facility. Durvet was the first entity in the OTC animal health market to be involved with both manufacturing and distribution, and this vision proved to be the model for the animal health supply chain business. Its original 13 distributor/owners had combined annual sales of $20 million. But from those modest beginnings, Durvet itself has grown to over $169 million in sales, while each year its 21 independent distributor shareholders sell in excess of $1 billion of animal health and agriculture products. Over the years, Durvet has diversified its inventory with equine care and pet health lines. After tripling sales between 1994 and 2004, it expanded its facilities in Blue Springs, Missouri, and currently operates from a 78,000 square foot warehouse with state-of-the-art logistics and distribution technology. The Durvet organization employs 41 people at its Blue Springs headquarters and supports 50+ member distribution points with nearly 700 sales professionals strategically located around the country to meet the needs of livestock, equine and pet owners – offering them the product performance and affordability they demand.

  • EaseCare , Inc

    EaseCare , Inc

    Here at EasyCare, it's all about the horse and their human partners. Our business is manufacturing and distributing proven equine products that will enhance performance, provide protection, increase comfort for the horse and rider, and enrich the overall human-horse experience. Throughout five thousand years of domestication, the horse has had a more significant impact on human history than any other animal. Our goal is to help make the future of the horse/rider relationship as fulfilling and exciting as the past. What began in 1970 with the invention of the first Easyboot by Dr. Neel Glass (see Is Shoeing a Necessary Evil) to help a beloved family horse suffering from navicular disease, has since evolved into an entire line of hoof boots that provide an excellent alternative to iron shoes. This is due in part to the dedication, desire and diligence on the part of an incredible team of people. We're a company that cares deeply about horses and we will continue to develop products that provide comfort, support and performance for our equine partners. We are more committed than ever to continue to create innovative hoof boot designs with features and options that will allow horse owners to provide a natural hoofcare solution for their horses.

  • Ecovet
  • Elanco Animal Health

    Elanco Animal Health

    At Elanco, we provide those who raise and care for animals with solutions that empower them to advance a vision of food and companionship enriching life. We understand the powerful role healthy animals play in making lives better. As pets increasingly become important parts of our families, so too does the need to help them live longer, healthier, higher-quality lives. As the global population grows, so too will the need to meet the demand for safe, affordable food for all. Since our start at Eli Lilly and Company in 1954, Elanco has been working to empower our customers—from veterinarians to food producers to all those concerned with animal health—to address these global challenges, and advance a vision of food and companionship enriching life. We strive to develop and deliver products safe for consumers, animals and the environment through innovation and a shared vision to enrich the life of people worldwide.

  • EM Tools, Inc.

    EM Tools, Inc.

    A.I. Gun Warmer

  • Energizer


    The origins of Energizer Holdings trace back to a couple of inventors. In 1896, W.H. Lawrence created the first consumer battery to power home telephones. Two years later, Conrad Hubert, a Russian immigrant, used these batteries to power his electric hand torch – the first flashlight. In 1905, the two innovators got together to form what was then known as The American Ever Ready Company. Nearly a century later, in 2015, Energizer Holdings, Inc. "keeps going". Through it all there has been one constant: a continued emphasis on innovation – from the launch of the Energizer® Inductive Charger to the world’s first AA battery made with 4% recycled batteries – Energizer® EcoAdvanced™. ​​​​

  • EQ Solutions

    EQ Solutions

    Founded in 1999, EQ Solutions is the premier foam-on cleaning solution provider in the equine industry! If you have animals, tack, trucks, trailers and equipment then EQ Solutions is for you. The original foam on cleaning solution, EQ Solutions are all natural, safe & effective, and free of soap and alcohol. Make from plant seed esters, the solutions break down the elements that make up dirt from the moment the products are foamed on. So, whether you need a great cleaner for your animals, equipment, vehicles, barn or home, EQ Solutions has the solution for you. EQ Solutions has a 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed on all of the products (excludes the foamer). If for any reason you are not satisfied with our product, simply return it to us and we will arrange for a prompt refund or exchange. EQ Solutions. Easy & Quick. The Name Says It All. Easy & Quick Foam-on cleaning products For Animals, Vehicles, Equipment & Other Surfaces The Importance of pH: EQ Solutions animal products will not dry out skin or burn eyes. The pH of the products are neutral, similar to the skin of most animals, which reduces the risk of skin irritation, damage to hair, and other reactions. Products with non-neutral pH may cause significant irritation, dryness of skin, and other skin and hair problems.

  • Equi-flite Technologies/Hamilton

    Equi-flite Technologies/Hamilton

    Racehorse Strength topical pain reliever with Capsaicin

  • Eqyss Grooming Products
  • Exhibitor Labs
  • EXL Laboratories Inc.
  • EZ Animal Products

    EZ Animal Products

    After many years of coming up on the short end of the stick handling horses, entrepreneur, trainer, horseman, inventor, Buck Wheeler decided to do something about it. Together with his wife Karen they invented the two products that are now being used on a multitude of animals and species. EZ Animal Products is a family owned business and together with their son John, receives the orders, manufacture and pack all the products in-house and they are shipped out daily on a worldwide basis. In May of 1996 five days after applying for the patent on his first invention The Stableizer® it was used on that years Kentucky Derby winner Grind Stone. Three week later lightning would strike again and Editors Note won the Belmont Stakes. In 2006 Street Sense was named the two-year-old Champion, and Eclipse Award winner and in 2007 He won the Kentucky Derby and other major Stake Races. The Stableizer® was used on him in various applications of his training. Wheeler was born and raised on a large cattle and horse ranch in Solen, North Dakota; on the Standing Rock Sioux Indian Reservation (he is an enrolled member of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe) He learned his horsemanship from his father and other Native Americans of the day. He has instructed all 9 units of the US Army and Cavalry, one of the trainers to the Queen, and given many clinics in Europe and at the major Equine and Amish events throughout the USA. The Wheelers live on an acreage on their Oak Tree Thoroughbred Farm in Ellendale, Mn. Following many years of foaling out Thoroughbred foals they knew they had to change the way they were collecting the colostrum from their TB mares. “ It was not very easy or reliable and most of all it could get very dangerous real fast”, says Wheeler. As with The Stableizer® they worked on their next idea / Invention the Udderly EZ™ Milker in the research and development phase of it for over five years. “ I knew that there just had to be a better and safer way to collect the colostrum from these thoroughbred mares than the way we were doing it, just like everyone else using the 60cc syringe and by hand and women’s breast DID NOT WORK! This idea had a natural progression over into the Sheep, Goat and Cow world. By adding Silicone and rubber inserts into the Extractor tubes and making individual kits with their own bottles that worked best for each species We have developed quart, pint and the 8 ounce colostrum collection bottles. This gave the pump a much greater possibility for the use on many more species. The product has been on the market going on five years in the fall of 2010 and has far surpassed their wildest dreams. “Word of mouth and the Internet has pushed this product to the outer limits worldwide, and without that no matter how much a person advertises or promotes, if it doesn’t work it won’t sell!” says Wheeler. Many of the leading Veterinary Teaching Schools are using both of their products and have implemented them into their teaching curricular and every day use and it has been endorsed by some of the leading professionals worldwide. “Our inventions are always in a state of upgrade, as we do listen to the clients that may call in or e-mail us as to some suggestions to add to the existing products. We are working on another surprise that will come out for the next foaling, lambing, calving, and kidding season in 2011. Karen and I want to thank all of you who have sent in great pictures, endorsements and good wishes, we are committed to serving our agriculture industry.”

  • Farm Innovators
  • Farnam Horse & Pet

    Farnam Horse & Pet

    In the last 53 years, Farnam has grown from a small mail-order business to one of the most widely recognized names in the animal health care industry. The Horse products category has grown so successfully over the years, that Farnam is today the largest marketer of equine products in the country. Farnam Horse Products now sells its products to distributors and mass merchants in the United States, Puerto Rico, and several foreign countries including Canada, countries in Central and South America, Europe and the Middle and Far East. Farnam's Horse Products serves both the pleasure horse and performance horse markets. Farnam equine products are sold to distributors, mass merchants, and mail order catalogs who either sell to retailers or directly to horse owners. Products include fly control, nutritional supplements, hoof and leg care, grooming, wound treatments, leather care and stable supplies.

  • Feliway
  • Fiebing's


    Since 1895, the Fiebing Company has been manufacturing high quality Horse Care, Shoe Care and Leather Care products in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Fiebing's has become the standard for the Leathercraft market when it comes to leather dyes and finishes. Our products are used around the world and can be found in retail establishments all over the globe. Fiebing maintains a fully staffed R&D lab and continues to evolve as technologies in formulations, filling and packaging evolve. Over the past 25 years, the Fiebing Company has become a leader in private label manufacturing of shoe care and leather care products. Our manufacturing, formulation and packaging capabilities are diverse and expansive.

  • Finish Line

    Finish Line

    Finish Line® has become a trainer-recognizable name as a company you can trust. Our focus is to provide complete customer satisfaction. We value our tradition, our quality products, and you. By providing close attention to our customers, their orders and shipments, and the necessary follow-up to keep our customers, we intend to keep long lasting relationships. Quality staff, products, support services, and customer satisfaction are vital.

  • First Companion Veterinary Products

    First Companion Veterinary Products

    At First Companion, we have a goal to be the preferred brand of products for your dogs, cats and horses. Our products enrich the lives of pets and their owners through protection, treatment and prevention. The products in the First Companion label are safe and effective. We only put products in our label that meet a need for pets and their owners. Our products aren’t about being fancy or cool; they aid in the animal’s health. Best friends are hard to find - we’ll help you keep them happy. First Companion products can be found at stores across the United States, please use our store locator to find your nearest retailer.

  • FishBiotics


    A division of Durvet

    Treat a variety of fish bacterial fish infections with these antibiotics by Fishbiotics. Formulated for fish by pharmacists who has vast knowledge of treating fish infections

  • Forever Healthy Pets
  • Four Flags Over Aspen

    Four Flags Over Aspen

    Since our first Quick Muzzle® order in February 1985, Four Flags Over Aspen, Inc. has been designing, manufacturing, and distributing a variety of unique pet products with veterinarians¹ needs in mind. Our goals were simple: to create products for pet professionals that would simplify and improve animal control and care, and to provide fast, friendly, and fair customer service. Each of Four Flags' designs started in a veterinary exam, surgery or waiting room with an idea for a quicker, more efficient way to complete a procedure or handle a pet. Initially, Dr. Kenton Flaig, my big brother and master of streamlining veterinary-office practices, targeted several areas where current animal-control products were lacking in functionality and design. After several months of creating, testing, and refining a few prototypes, my Quick Muzzle® was ready for local production and Four Flags Over Aspen, Inc. was born. Which usually raises the question: Where did we get the name? •Four - one brother, three sisters, each with different start-up skills •Flags - as in Flaigs, which is our family¹s surname •Over Aspen - home of sister No. 2 and where we hatched the idea for the business. As our ideas became products, the business along with a small staff, moved into our house in rural Southern Minnesota, which was shared by my husband and two children, along with assorted indoor and outdoor four-legged critters (cats, dogs, ponies, horses, rabbits, you-name-it). Shortly after the launch of the Quick Muzzle®, the Cat Sack™ was created using the same methods. Over the years, often with the helpful suggestions from our customers, our original product designs have expanded to include additional sizes, styles and improvements, always with our original goal in mind. After 15 years and a number of additions to our workspace, we left the country for St. Clair, MN, where we occupy an expanded, renovated turn-of-the-century (that¹s the previous one) main street building. And now, as we enter our 31th year, we're proud to have served thousands of veterinarians, groomers, animal-control officers, university professionals, and pet owners worldwide, who have come to trust the quality, durability and reputation of Four Flags' products - and the guaranteed service behind them. Our goal continues..

  • Franklin Williams Company

    Franklin Williams Company

    Several years ago the owners of The Franklin-Williams Company became aware of the necessity for equine veterinarians to use a variety of materials to assemble bandages for use on the leg of the horse following injury or surgery. Using components commercially available was a time consuming process and the end product was often a "make-do" solution. Working closely with equine veterinarians, The Franklin-Williams Company has been a pioneer in the development of bandage products designed specifically for equine use. Our consulting veterinarians are among the leaders in equine veterinary practice. The company was started in 1993 and remains dedicated to the development and manufacture of the highest quality bandage products for the horse athelete. This is our only business which means we can focus on quality and service to the veterinary community. We have recognized the preferences of practitioners and developed a range of bandage products to accomodate various needs. Currently we offer 25 equine bandage products which includes individual ready-to-use sterile and nonsterile bandages, bulk rolls and a trauma kit for emergency use. Cotton is a major component of our products and we use medical grade cotton controlled for weight and bioburden. This cotton is grown and processed in the USA. Our products are used by hospitals, clinics, schools of veterinary medicine, and equine practices across the USA.

  • Frontline Vet Labs
  • Fruit Of The Loom

    Fruit Of The Loom

    Fruit of the Loom was born in 1851 when brothers Benjamin and Robert Knight bought their first mill and started producing cotton cloth and textiles in Warwick, Rhode Island. In 1871, Fruit of the Loom® was registered as an official trademark, making it one of the world’s oldest brands — predating the invention of light bulbs, cars and telephones! Today, more than 160 years later, Fruit of the Loom is now a global underwear and casualwear business, employing more than 32,000 people worldwide. Our colorful T-shirts and underwear are known by consumers in all corners of the globe and our name is synonymous with providing quality, value and style. Staying true to our roots and close to our heritage, our collections are authentic, timeless and unmistakably Fruit of the Loom.

  • Full Bucket Health

    Full Bucket Health

    Fullbucket is a complete line of horse and pet health digestion products to help fight diarrhea and other health issues using probiotic, prebiotic and other supplements

  • FullenKamp Machine Inc

    FullenKamp Machine Inc

    Fullenkamp Machine's recognition as a leader in the design and manufacture of quality tooling is the result of a disciplined commitment to excellence that has led our company since 1954. 

    Our modern 19,000 square-foot facility is well equipped with: •CNC Vertical Machining •CNC Lathe Machining •Vertical Mill Machines •Waterjet Machining •Engine Lathes •Cut-Off Saws •Drilling & Tapping •Welding Equipment •Metal Fab Equipment •Grinding Equipment

  • FURminator
  • G&B Marketing

    G&B Marketing

    G&B Marketing Inc. develops and provides pet care products and solutions for veterinarians and pet care enthusiasts. The company’s products include ProCollar, a protective collar that protects pets from reaching injuries, rashes, or post surgery wounds; Tick TwisterPRO, a tick removal tool for veterinarians, doctors, teachers, boy and girl scout organizations, hunters, campers, hikers, and consumers; and I.V. Stabilizer Plus, a device that prevents intravenous catheter occlusion. It also provides Humane Choice dry dog food and natural pet shampoos. The company serves natural, veterinary, and pet specialty markets. It markets and sells its products through distributors in the United States. The company was founded in 1998 and is based in Vista, California. As of June 25, 2011, G&B Marketing Inc. operates as a subsidiary of Contech Enterprises Inc

  • Gaymar Industries inc Stryker

    Gaymar Industries inc Stryker

    Stryker’s history is rooted in innovation. When Dr. Homer Stryker, an orthopaedic surgeon from Kalamazoo, Michigan, found that certain medical products were not meeting his patients’ needs, he invented new ones. As interest in these products grew, Dr. Stryker started a company in 1941 to produce them. The company’s goal was to help patients lead healthier, more active lives through products and services that make surgery and recovery simpler, faster and more effective. Today, Stryker is a global leader in the medical technology industry. Company growth is based on an unparalleled variety of high-quality, innovative products and services that create cost-effective solutions and improve people’s lives – which we achieve through the dedication of our over 27,000 employees globally in 2015. The spirit of bringing innovation to healthcare began with Dr. Stryker when he founded the company in 1941 and it continues today. Stryker is well-positioned to continue serving the worldwide medical community for generations to come. We think Dr. Stryker would be pleased.

  • Genesis Industries

    Genesis Industries

    Genesis Industries, Inc. was founded in June of 1985 by Mark Anderson, D.V.M., after graduating from Iowa State University and enjoying 10 years as a practicing veterinarian and owner of three clinics in Wisconsin and Minnesota. His desire to create and manufacture high quality plastic containers, specifically for veterinarians and the animal health care industry, was the basis for starting Genesis Industries, Inc. Since the founding of the company in Spring Valley, Wisconsin, Genesis Industries has grown into an international company with facilities in England and Australia and customers worldwide serving a wide variety of markets in addition to our core animal health care market. Consistently high quality products, fast delivery, competitive pricing, and technical innovation continue to guide the company in its growth and business partnerships with our customers.

  • Gilmour


    We know you’re serious about your outdoor spaces—whether you’re going for the lushest lawn, the most attractive flowerbeds, the tastiest vegetables, the trimmest of trees or the cleanest, most comfortable patio to relax on when the work is all done. Day after day, you can count on Gilmour to deliver sure, smart solutions for your watering and cleaning needs. Our products are simple and intuitive—they’re easy to operate and designed to feel natural in your hand. They offer optimal control so you can water exactly where, when and how you want. For carefree performance, our products work together seamlessly and provide secure connections that minimize leaks and wasted water. Exceptional design and materials stand up to the task and give you durability you can rely on season after season. For more than 50 years, our innovations and improvements have focused on removing frustrations and adding enjoyment along the path to watering and cleaning success. Ongoing research and testing ensure the quality and durability of our products.

  • Gimborn Pet Products

    Gimborn Pet Products

    Dedicated to quality since 1855 Pharmacist Heinrich von Gimborn founded a small pharmaceutical factory in Emmerich am Rhein in 1855. His products quickly established themselves as successful branded articles and the company grew.

  • GLA Agriculture Electronics

    GLA Agriculture Electronics

    GLA has been manufacturing animal health thermometers since 1969. We are and always will be dedicated to bringing you the finest quality, service and dependability available. We are proud to offer our latest products, the M700 Series Thermometers.

  • Goodwinol Products Corp

    Goodwinol Products Corp

    Goodwinol provides veterinary products to pet health care distributors, clinics and retail shops as well as the horse, livestock and poultry industries. While we do not sell to retail customers, they are welcome to call the company with questions or for referrals. The products range from shampoo and ointments, to "Pig Swig," a water wormer treatment for swine and poultry.

  • Grannick's Bitter Apple
  • Green Parrott, LLC
  • Hanes Brand's  Inc

    Hanes Brand's Inc

    HanesBrands is a socially responsible manufacturer and marketer of leading everyday basic apparel under some of the world's strongest apparel brands in the Americas, Europe and Asia, as well as in Australia and South Africa. Our iconic innerwear and activewear apparel brands found in the United States and elsewhere include Hanes, Champion, Playtex, Bali, Maidenform, JMS/Just My Size, Wonderbra and Gear for Sports. Outside the United States, we also have dominant national and regional brands, including DIM, Nur Die/Nur Der, Lovable, Abanderado, Shock Absorber, Zorba, Sol y Oro, Rinbros, Track N Field and Ritmo. We are the world’s largest marketer of basic apparel. We sell bras, panties, shapewear, sheer hosiery, men's underwear, children's underwear, socks, T-shirts, sweatshirts, fleece and other activewear. In the United States, we sell more units of intimate apparel, male underwear, socks, shapewear, hosiery and T-shirts than any other company. Founded in 1901, Hanes has a long history of innovation, product excellence, and brand recognition. In fact, nearly 90 percent of U.S. households have our company's products in them. We revolutionized Tagless T-shirts and underwear, we invented the sports bra and the stretch-cup T-shirt bra, we were the first to advertise a bra on national television (Playtex), and we are innovating with ComfortBlend and temperature-control X-Temp fabrics and seamless Smart Sizes bras. Our Sell More, Spend Less and Make Acquisitions strategies are driving growth and creating value for our shareholders, consumers, retailers, employees and communities. Hanes has made more than a half dozen acquisitions, including Maidenform Brands, Gear for Sports and Knights Apparel in the United States and DBApparel in Europe. Based in Winston-Salem, N.C., Hanes is a member of the S&P 500 and is ranked No. 490 on the Fortune 500 list. The company has approximately 65,300 employees in more than 40 countries. Unlike most apparel companies, Hanes primarily operates its own manufacturing facilities. More than 90 percent of the apparel units that we sell worldwide and in the United States are manufactured in our own plants or those of dedicated contractors. Unlike most apparel companies, Hanes primarily operates its own manufacturing facilities. More than 90 percent of the apparel units that we sell worldwide and in the United States are manufactured in our own plants or those of dedicated contractors. We take great pride in our strong reputation for ethical business practices and the success of our Hanes for Good corporate responsibility program for workplace practices and community and environmental improvement. The company is the only apparel producer to ever be honored by the Great Place to Work Institute for its workplace practices in Central America and the Caribbean. In the United States, the company has earned the Forbes magazine Best Place to Work honor. Hanes has won U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Energy Star sustained excellence recognition for seven consecutive years. Hanes has significant goals for reducing energy use, carbon emissions and water use and publicly reports its progress each year

  • Happy Hen Treats
  • Happy Jack, Inc

    Happy Jack, Inc

    Since 1946, Happy Jack has manufactured high quality, effective animal health products for dogs, cats and horses. As a result of our commitment to safe and effective animal health care within the agricultural markets over the last 60 years, Happy Jack has developed strong brand recognition and consumer loyalty within America’s kennel owners, breeders, outdoor sportsmen, and farmers. Happy Jack products are approved and regulated by the FDA, EPA and state Departments of Agriculture and sold over-the-counter throughout better farm, feed and hardware stores throughout the U.S.A. Like a lot of great American success stories,Happy Jack is a company born of necessity. It was the early 1940s in Snow Hill, NC. James G. Exum had a kennel full of beloved beagles and mange was making their lives miserable. Being a tinkerer, an amateur chemist, and the owner of a very large Pharmacology book, James went to work in his garage and mixed up a batch of mange medicine that worked better than anything else on the market. Vet care was not always available or affordable in those days, so as different ailments struck his dogs, James would create treatments to cure them. Word spread, demand for his home remedies grew, and suddenly James was in business. Fittingly, the name Happy Jack came from James’ most prized beagle, Contentnea Jack.

  • Harlmen, Corporation

    Harlmen, Corporation

    Animal Health Products for your aging pets

  • Harvest Lane Honey
  • Hasco Tag & National  Band & Tag Company

    Hasco Tag & National Band & Tag Company

    National Band & Tag Company is a family owned and operated manufacturer founded in 1902, specializing in identification solutions. Most all of our products are made in America, but we sell our products worldwide to varying industries including: poultry, cattle, lab animal research, dog and cat rabies vaccinations, wildlife conservation, and industrial applications. We are currently in our 5th generation and have 10 family members working together in our facility. We are always striving to provide unique and innovative identification solutions for multiple purposes. Let us help you with your identification challenges today!

  • Hauptner
  • Hawker Mfg.

    Hawker Mfg.

    Hawker was established in 1909 to produce one of the world's first dowel machines. The equipment was so successful and reliable that no substantial redesign was done until 1948 when the company was acquired by East Dayton Tool and Die. The new designs improved production speed and accuracy and provided a plastics machining capability. Today Hawker is the major supplier of dowel machines and accessories and supplies customers worldwide.The current ownership has been committed to the sales and service of Hawker-Dayton machines for over twenty-five years.

  • Healthy Coat

    Healthy Coat

    Healthy Coat is a group of people passionate about making animals a little more comfortable in their own skin by providing a minimally processed liquid Omega 3 & 6 essential fatty acid supplement fortified with vitamins and feed enhancing flavor for each species.

  • Healthy HairCare
  • Henke-Roux
  • Hess & Clark/ Neogen

    Hess & Clark/ Neogen

    Hess & Clark, Inc. was acquired by Neogen Corp.Hess & Clark, Inc. manufactures and distributes animal health products. The company's products include disinfectants to rid pathogenic organisms from animal production and food processing facilities, and antibacterials for animals. Hess & Clark was founded in 1893 and is headquartered in Ashland, Ohio.

  • HexArmor


    At HexArmor®, we believe safety is not a luxury – it’s a necessity. Since day one, we have worked hand-in-hand with our customers to deliver innovative and effective PPE solutions to keep their workers safe. Like the industry-leading companies we work with, we’re committed to continuous improvement and the highest standards of safety excellence. Every worker should be able to go home at night in the same condition that he or she went to work. Our mission is to provide the products that help make this a reality, for every worker, everywhere. Our Mission: Our mission at HexArmor® has always been the same: to be the trusted advisors for your safety program. From day one, we set out to create the safest, highest quality products on the market. And as we’ve done so, our technologies have broken new ground in cut, puncture, needle, impact and abrasion resistance. Our products deliver the highest possible levels of protection, without sacrificing comfort and dexterity. You need work gloves that keep you safe, and allow you to do your job, whatever that job may be. HexArmor® products are developed by our research and development team working hand-in-hand with our top designers – that’s you, our customer. We work hard to collect end-user feedback from the field, and use that information to improve our products. Listening to our customers is how we create products that are purpose-built, application-specific, and designed to meet your safety needs. We’re here to help you solve problems. At the end of the day, we know it’s not about us. It’s not even about you. It’s about your workers. Your team. It’s about bringing them home safe each day. That is our passion. That’s what it’s all about. Let’s work together to keep people safe. That’s why we’re here.

  • High Country Plastics

    High Country Plastics

    High Country Plastics primary goal is to provide safe and durable products for their customers and animals. High Country Plastics takes great pride in keeping their product line creative and efficient to save customers time and money. Our built-to-last products are known for their durability, quality, strength, innovation, warranty, FDA approval, safety, and satisfaction guaranteed - that’s the High Country Way.

  • Hill's/ Hill's Science Diet
  • HomeoPet


    HomeoPet LLC is a family owned business that produces a line of Natural and Homeopathic remedies for animals. Established in 1994 to meet the increasing demand for alternative "chemical free" treatments for common conditions that, while not life-threatening, cause suffering in animals. Since that time HomeoPet has grown from strength to strength. HomeoPet products have been clinically proven to be safe and effective, and are the only naturally medicines to be registered with the FDA-CVM in the U.S., APVMA in Australia, VMD in the UK and NZFS in New Zealand. Many conditions while not life threatening cause suffering in animals, previous ways of treating were with expensive and often harmful drugs that had significant unwanted side effects. HomeoPet treatments are targeted to provide support to the animals own natural healing system and bring relief without the unwanted side effects. HomeoPet products provide safe, gentle and effective relief to suffering animals. HomeoPet completed studies in the USA, Ireland, UK and Australia. HomeoPet remedies are available through your veterinarian, at your local pet store an online. We remain dedicated to treating and improving the health and lives of animals and our vision is clear

  • Honey B Healthy
  • Hope Science

    Hope Science

    Manufacturer of EFAC. 

  • Horse Guard

    Horse Guard

    Nestled in the scenic ranchlands of Central Oregon, Horse Guard is a 2nd generation equine nutrition company operating on the principle that good nutrition is an essential part of horsemanship and horse health. Founder Del Johnson started Horse Guard in 1978 after his passion for horses lead him to pursue a Masters Degree in equine nutrition. Today, daughters Kelsey (PhD Equine Nutritionist – with research on selenium supplementation in horses ) and Ty (Marketing Director – Cal Poly graduate) are carrying on Horse Guard’s tradition of excellence in making products that are on the cutting edge of equine nutritional science. We are proud of our many achievements in the field of Equine Nutrition, including: •The introduction of the very first OTC equine selenium supplement •The first complete supplement for hoof health •The first weight gain product •The first supplement with organic selenium. As horse owners and riders, we care deeply about the quality of our products, using only the highest-graded pharmaceutical ingredients in all our supplements. We continue to make customer service and horse health our highest priorities.

  • Horse Health Products
  • Horse Sense

    Horse Sense

    Neogen’s line of quality horse grooming and tack products feature horse shampoos, blankets, fly masks, horse brushes and combs, and other stable must-haves to simplify the care of your animal. Neogen is also proud to offer the Horse Sense® line of products so no matter the time of year, Horse Sense has the equine products you need with a complete line of fly sheets and fly masks for the summer, and horse blankets with a variety of gram fill for warmth in the winter. Groom your horse with our line of shampoos and brushes, and keep your tack room stocked with our hay bags, and stall totes. Additional stable supplies and grooming tools are available to keep your horse looking and feeling its best

  • Horsemen's Pride Inc.
  • Hot Heels
  • Hot Shot Products

    Hot Shot Products

    In 1939, the Hot-Shot® prod revolutionized the livestock handling industry as the first commercially available electric livestock prod. Livestock haulers and handlers have continued to stand behind the brand as it has grown from a single prod to a wide array of electric and non-electric livestock handling products. Hot-Shot® continues to be the world leader, offering the largest selection of livestock prods and shafts to the farm and ranch market.

  • Hydro Systems Co

    Hydro Systems Co

    Hydro Systems is the world’s largest independent manufacturer of chemical injecting, proportioning, dispensing and medicating equipment. We serve the cleaning, commercial laundry, warewash, food service, industrial, irrigation, horticulture, dairy, animal health and water treatment markets. Our commitment to develop cutting edge technology, customer satisfaction and safer operations makes us the leader in the chemical proportioning and dispensing industry. Started in 1963 and based in Cincinnati, Ohio, Hydro Systems has international offices to serve a variety of industries in every nation. Hydro Systems has built long-lasting relationships with customers and offers custom, industry-leading solutions that positively impact their business. Hydro Systems is committed to delivering superior customer support and responsiveness to customers around the world

  • Hygeia Labs

    Hygeia Labs

    As one of the leading environmental laboratories in the United States, Hygeia Laboratories Inc. has a vast amount of experience in the analysis of environmental samples. Hygeia's philosophy is that each and every sample will be carefully and cost-effectively analyzed. To ensure the quality of our analytical results, Hygeia has developed and implemented comprehensive training programs, analytical techniques, quality assurance procedures, report formats and sample archiving systems. Clients rely on Hygeia for accurate results and prompt turnaround. Hygeia Laboratories Inc. utilizes Polarized Light Microscopy ( PLM), Phase Contrast Microscopy (PCM), and Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) for the identification of asbestos fibers in air, bulk, soil and water samples. Flame atomic absorption (FAA) and graphite furnace atomic absorption (GFAA) methods are used for the analysis of lead and other metals in bulk, air, water and hazardous waste samples. Hygeia also offers specialty services such as particle characterization and gravimetric analyses (e.g., total and respirable dust). chrysotile

  • Ideal Instruments

    Ideal Instruments

    Neogen’s Ideal® Instruments subsidiary, founded in 1931, maintains a leadership role in the development of precision veterinary drug delivery instruments to help minimize drug residues that might otherwise find their way into meat and milk supplies. The company’s line of patented detectable needles greatly lessen the chance that a broken needle would ever arrive on a dinner plate. Neogen also offers its veterinary products through a continuing program of instituting exclusive supply agreements with major farm and ranch retailers.

  • Immucell


    ImmuCell has a dedicated group of employees who are actively developing, manufacturing and selling innovative products such as First Defense®, the #1 product administered to calves for scours prevention. Our corporate capabilities and technical expertise include the following ImmuCell Corporate Capabilities USDA licensed manufacturing facility Clinical-scale cGMP manufacturing capability Biosafety Level 2 infectious disease research laboratories QA/QC facility for licensed biologicals and diagnostic assays Worldwide sales and marketing to the dairy and beef industries Fermentation technology development Technical Expertise Large-scale polyclonal antibody production Diagnostic assay development Microbial vaccine development Milk and whey processing Several patents issued Bovine Technical Focus Lactation physiology Mastitis management Enteric disease prevention and diagnostics Vaccine development Regulatory Expertise USDA and FDA experience Clinical trial capabilities ImmuCell is a public biotechnology company that is developing, manufacturing and selling products that improve animal health and productivity in the dairy and beef industries. Our product focus encompasses prevention, diagnosis and treatment of economically important bovine diseases. michael

  • Immvac, Inc

    Immvac, Inc

    IMMVAC INC. was founded in 1983, primarily to commercialize novel technology developed by Dr. Ronald F. Sprouse, Professor of Pathology, at the University of Missouri School of Medicine. What We Do Located in Columbia, Missouri, IMMVAC, Inc. manufactures vaccines and serums for production and companion animals to aid in the protection and treatment of virtually all gram-negative bacteria. IMMVAC products are based on two exclusively-owned core technologies: 1.A patented genetically-engineered gram-negative mutant Bacterin, Re 17, which is comprised of the universal core antigen common to all gram-negative bacteria; and 2.A patented immunopotentiator, E3, which stimulates production of B- and T-lymphocytes, thereby enhancing an animal’s overall immunity to disease.

  • Imu-Tek


    Imu-Tek is a leader in the collection, production and marketing of high quality bovine colostrum. Imu-Tek is licensed by the US Department of Agriculture. Imu-Tek was the first company to receive a USDA claim for passive transfer of immunoglobulins in a dried bovine colostrum product. For the animal health industry, we know healthy animals mean healthy profits for you. That’s why we work to formulate the best product applications for your business. Imu-Tek is inspected by FDA to comply with their regulations for the human supplements industry. Imu-Tek’s mission is “to provide you, our customer, the freshest, highest quality colostrum in the marketplace.” Our colostrum products naturally contain high levels of IgG, IGF-1 and 47 other immune strengthening properties to stay healthy and thrive. No matter what your colostrum needs you can count on Imu-Tek products for maximum health results.

  • IMV Technologies
  • Innovacyn-Vetericyn


    Vetericyn® is committed to being the world’s leading manufacturer of high quality, innovative and reliable animal healthcare products. We will use our repertoire of technology to continue to solve issues in the animal healthcare industry and differentiate our content, services and consumer products. We will continue to seek and develop the most safe, effective, and innovative animal healthcare products in the world. We will meet our challenging goals by engaging the talent and desire of people who have a passion for animals, health, community, service, science, and the environment. Vetericyn Values 1.Embrace and drive innovative change 2.Help have a greater world impact 3.Pursue growth and learning 4.Embrace integrity 5.Don’t take ourselves too seriously 6.Passion for our work and causes 7.Welcome feedback and continually improve 8.Be adventurous, creative, and open-minded 9.Positive team and family spirit 10.Delighting our customers

  • InoSol Co, LLC

    InoSol Co, LLC

    Manufacturer of the California Bander. We designed a castration tool that drastically reduces the time and cost that goes into the processing procedure.

  • Inosol LLC
  • International Win
  • InterPuls


    Established in 1974, from August 2015 member of Avon Dairy Solutions Present in more than 70 countries across the 5 continents 30 patents in the last 5 years 10% of the annual turnover invested in R&D 85 Employees Average age: 37 University graduates: 20% Vision We aim at being recognized as one of the most specialized producers of milking components and solutions in the world! Mission Deliver added value to our Customers - OEMs, Technical Dealers and Distributors - with components for milking equipment that are innovative, durable and competitive in price. InterPuls & the Community Business ethics is one of the grounding values of our company and we draw our inspiration from them. Each day!

  • Intervet/Merck


    Merck Animal Health is a research-driven company that develops, manufactures and markets abroad range of veterinary medicines and services. We offer one of the industry’s most innovative portfolios, spanning products for the prevention, treatment and control of disease in all major farm and companion animal species. We are a highly proactive, robust and diversified company with a strong, scientifically-proven, product portfolio and an ever-growing reach. With offices in more than 50 countries, we successfully market our products in over 140 countries and operate a network of manufacturing sites and research and development (R&D) facilities around the world. Our aim is to create value and contribute to the ongoing success of our customers. In short, we aim to earn the trust of our customers every day. By listening carefully to all our stakeholders and putting customer satisfaction at the core of our business, we provide innovative, high-quality, and above all, solutions-driven products and services for farm and companion animal species. By consistently delivering the highest standards of quality, professionalism and integrity, our aim is to become the partner of choice for veterinarians, producers and animal owners. Our products and services enable pets and people to enjoy their time together and will help keep livestock healthy to ensure a safe, wholesome and affordable food supply

  • ITSI Provisions

    ITSI Provisions

    I.T.S.I.’s mandate is to provide the international pork industry with the newest A.I. technology and to make this technology available to the entire farm community at competitive prices. We, at I.T.S.I., have been fulfilling this mandate since 1992. Since then, requests from the industry have led to the development of a kit and training program that can be customized to any size operation. Through technological advancements in the past few years, A.I has become the tool which improves industry profitability at a time when economic viability is increasingly harder to maintain. As an active member of the agricultural community, I.T.S.I. considers its most important objectives as continuously striving for technological advances and to make new technology available to all industry participants world wide. I.T.S.I. customers encompass operations of a variety of sizes and types. Presently, our clients include farm operations wishing to implement in-herd A.I. programs, commercial A.I. units and breeding operations

  • Jake's Wire Tighteners

    Jake's Wire Tighteners

    Quick Easy Fence Tightening Tool for smooth or Barbed Wire. Made in the USA.

  • John Ewing Co -Formula 707

    John Ewing Co -Formula 707

    John Ewing Company was founded in 1946 as a manufacturer of animal feed. It operates today, as it has for most of its existence, from the town of LaSalle, Colorado, in a rich agricultural region near Greeley, about an hour north of Denver.

  • Jolly Pets

    Jolly Pets

    Jolly Pets, continue to seek new and innovative ways to develop superior products for your companion. Their vision is not just to make a toy; it’s to make a quality toy that will enrich your pet’s life.  Jolly Pets will always be a brand you can count on to develop fun, creatively designed products with your dog in mind.

  • Jorgensen Labs/Jorvet

    Jorgensen Labs/Jorvet

    Any account of the history of Jorgensen Laboratories would have to start with the company founder, Dr. Irvin Jorgensen. Dr. Jorgensen was a remarkable man who graduated, in 1943, from the Royal Veterinary College in Copenhagen, Denmark. He established a small veterinary practice in Denmark during the German occupation and later practiced veterinary medicine in Canada. In the mid-1950’s, he moved to the United States and finished his veterinary career in Minnesota. In 1965, he founded Jorgensen Laboratories. The company had its beginnings in the basement of Dr. Jorgensen’s home and in those early years, was mostly a large animal instrument company. As a practicing veterinarian in Europe and Canada, Dr. Jorgensen had become aware of certain instruments that were not yet available in the United States. He soon realized there was a demand for these products and he began importing these specialty instruments mainly from Denmark and West Germany. The company moved to Colorado in 1970 and was beginning to gain a reputation for hard to find high quality veterinary instruments. As a small company, Dr. Jorgensen recognized the importance of marketing his specialty instruments through veterinary distributors. Just as important as the quality of the product line, the role of the veterinary distributor was key to the growth and success of Jorgensen Laboratories. This remains true today. Nationwide distribution was established by Jorgensen in the 1970’s and the product line continued to expand. However, international communication was quite a challenge back then. International phone calls were very expensive and this was long before faxes and e-mails. Purchase orders and letters were sent to Europe on lightweight onionskin paper by airmail. Telex machines were state of the art and it was exciting when Jorgensen Laboratories got their first telex machine. Earl Sethre started his career at Jorgensen Laboratories in 1974. Besides Dr. Jorgensen and Earl, the company employed a secretary and two people in the shipping department. Dr. Hans Jorgensen came into the company in 1978. Hans graduated from the University of Minnesota Veterinary College and practiced veterinary medicine for several years after graduation. He gained large animal experience practicing at a veterinary clinic in Minnesota and later worked in a small animal practice in Denver. Dr. Norm Jorgensen came into the family business in 1986. Norm graduated from the Colorado State University Veterinary School and also practiced for several years after graduation. Norm’s large animal experience came from practicing as a veterinarian and calling on some of the large dairies in California. Eventually, he moved back to Colorado and worked in a small animal and equine practice in Denver. Big changes and significant growth came to Jorgensen in the 1990’s and the 2000’s. The company evolved from a mostly large animal instrument company to a mostly small animal instrument and equipment company. Veterinary medicine was also changing. Clients were asking for better medical care for their pets and clinics were performing more advanced medical procedures. This required veterinary clinics to update their practices. Veterinary clinics now needed more sophisticated medical equipment and an understanding of the latest treatment modalities. This was an opportunity for Jorgensen Laboratories and they emerged as a leading supplier of new and innovative products for the veterinary practitioner. Jorgensen began developing its own sales force in the 1990’s. The Jorvet sales force could not only detail sophisticated medical equipment, but also had the ability to provide the needed support and training of this new equipment to veterinary clinical staff. Today Jorgensen Laboratories works with every major veterinary distributor in the United States and Canada and has over 40 international distributors. Jorgensen has more than 70 employees including experienced veterinary technicians who offer valuable technical support and skilled sales representatives who work together with veterinary distributors to provide the highest quality instrumentation and the best veterinary equipment available for veterinary clinics worldwide. In addition to the veterinary technicians and outside sales representatives, Jorgensen’s dedicated office staff and warehouse staff complete the Jorvet team. This family business is positioned well for the future too. A couple of family members from the next generation have begun their careers in the company. Erik Sethre joined the firm in 2002 and Christian Jorgensen started in 2005. They bring with them fresh new perspectives, a strong commitment to family/ and company and positive energy to move the company forward. Over the years, Jorgensen Laboratories has helped to start a number of small manufacturers in the Loveland area. They have also been philanthropic minded and have made significant financial contributions through their Jorgensen Foundation to charitable organizations in the Loveland Community. The employees and owners of Jorgensen Laboratories are proud of their success, legacy and achievements over the years and wish to thank the veterinarians and the distributors, who, in this partnership, have helped them to build a highly respected reputation in the veterinary industry.

  • Jorvet Jorgenson Labs
  • JP Gasway
  • JT Eaton

    JT Eaton

    Founded in 1932 by Jasper T. Eaton, the company started as a mail order house for pest control products for professional use. Stanley Z. Baker purchased the company in 1949. Never satisfied, Stanley developed new and innovative products for professional pest control operators. In 1962 Stanley invented the paraffin bait block which is the industry standard today. Again in 1979 Stanley developed the first glue board as we know them today. Before that, some professionals used the radiators of their cars to melt industrial glue and spread the glue across wood planks or tar paper. Since then, J.T. Eaton has gone on to create innovative products for the pest control industry as well as the retail industry. Most recently J.T. Eaton launched an extremely successful Bed Bug program, Top Loader bait stations, green light flying insect catchers and EPA Compliant Bait Options. 2012 is J.T. Eaton's 80th anniversary and will celebrate with many promotions to thank our customers and staff. J.T. Eaton is a family-run business that offers a complete line of products designed to help pest management professionals provide quality service to their customers. All J.T. Eaton products are available in a variety of sizes, when applicable, to fit the needs of any firm. J.T. Eaton also commits to quality products with the integrated pest management (IPM) strategy in mind.

  • Jung Seed

    Jung Seed

    John William "J.W." Jung only set out to make enough money to raise a family when he started selling seeds from his parent's farmhouse, but his determination, common sense, thirst for knowledge and love for growing seeds and plants ultimately resulted in a company that supports hundreds of families. After completing a two-year business program at the Oshkosh Business College in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, JW wanted to learn more about the seed business. His interest in seeds started in his mother's garden and was further piqued when the Salzer Seed Co. of LaCrosse, Wisconsin, would stop in town to sell seeds out of a railroad car. In 1905 he landed a job with the H. W. Buckbee Seed Co. in Rockford, Illinois, where his 10 hour days, six days a week job earned him $25 per month - and a wealth of experience. He was often quoted as saying he learned more in his short stint at Buckbee's than he did in his two years at college, and that much of what he learned was how NOT to run a company. He opened orders, filled orders and then moved into the print shop where he helped print labels. That exposure to printing would prove invaluable in the coming years. After a year at Buckbee's, JW returned to Randolph. He set up shop in an upstairs bedroom which his mother allowed him to use and his father allotted him some land on which he could grow seeds. In 1907 he printed 400 black and white 5"x7" catalogs using a small hand press. Although profits were small, 1909 there was enough money to purchase a Chandler and Price cylinder press, resulting in 10,000 catalogs being printed. He often remarked that the delivery of that press was one of the biggest thrills of his life. To market his company, JW began writing articles for farm magazines in exchange for advertising space. In 1910 a new two-story building was erected on the Jung family farm to house the seed company which by now had about 500 customers. As the business grew, it became apparent that the rural location of the business made transportation challenges a problem, especially in winter and early spring. He decided to move the business to downtown Randolph in 1913 to be near the post office and railroad. In 1918, JW married Wilhelmina (Minnie) Blockwitz. In addition to raising 3 children, she was very active in the business, serving as the company bookkeeper. Her meticulous hand-written records are treasure items in the Jung archives. She also reviewed the sales books to determine which ads were working and whether items were popular enough to continue selling. Daughter Betty said that, "If it wasn't for both of them, they could never have hung on during the Depression. JW took no paycheck during the Depression and relied on the financial support of others. He never forgot those supporters. And he vowed he would never be in debt again." In 1919, JW purchased the Alton Hall, an opera house in downtown Randolph, to accommodate the growing business. Nursery stock was added to the offerings in the catalog. By 1935, the catalog mailing was up to 280,000. JW and Minnie's oldest son, Wilfred, and son-in-law Tuenis (Betty's husband) joined the business in 1942, with John Carl, their second son, coming on board in 1950. In 1951, a couple knock-down blows followed in succession - first, the death of his beloved Minnie in April, and second, the seed company building was struck by lightning on May 31 resulting in the loss of most of the contents including the original hand press and JW's vast collection of seed catalogs. Only the business records were saved. Following the fire, it was decided to rebuild on the outskirts of Randolph where there was ample space to expand. Additional land was purchased and construction of the new company headquarters was completed in early 1952. It is often said that JW was as much a printer as he was a seedsman. After all, the printed catalog was the vehicle that drove the seed sales. If JW had soil under his fingernails, he had printer's ink on his fingertips. He loved designing the catalog, writing the descriptions and operating the presses. Jung's was the last major seed company to print its catalog in-house, doing so until 1987, the year JW reached 100 years of age. JW passed away in 1988, 2 months shy of his 101st birthday. Family members and a loyal staff of employees played an integral part in the success of the company through the years. Brother Louie helped get the business off the ground, another brother, Herman (known as Kerb) also worked in the business. His brother Fred helped him through the depression with financial loans. Son Wilfred (Wil) served as company bookkeeper and was key in the printing operation where he deftly transformed company nurserymen into pressmen for three to four months of the year. His fascination with gadgets brought Jung's into the computer era in the early 1970's when a keypunch system was installed for customer records. John Carl inherited JW's keen interest in seeds and studied agronomy and horticulture at UW-Madison while working on his seed industry major. He introduced hybrid seeds into the Jung catalogs as well as other new seed and nursery crops. When the company could no longer meet the demands of growing all its crop needs, he sought out the best growers and locations for contracting the company's needs. He managed Jung Farms, Inc., a subsidiary of J. W. Jung Seed Co. established in 1961 to market farm seeds such as corn, oats and alfalfa. Son-in-law Tuenis (Tueny) Zondag was instrumental in establishing the Jung Garden Centers. The first garden center was set up in a room in the new company headquarters in 1955. It rapidly outgrew its space and a larger store was built in 1972. A second store was opened in Stevens Point, Wisconsin in 1989. Three more were added in the Madison, Wisconsin area in 1991, one of which was closed after several years. Two years later another location was added in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, bringing the current total to five. Tueny also took an active role in the catalog printing and nursery operations of the company through the years. Grandson Richard (Dick) Zondag currently manages the company, assisted by his brother, Robert (Bob) Zondag and son Nathan Zondag. At the present time Jung's prints 8 catalog titles and over 8 million catalogs each year, with about 3,500,000 of those being the spring and fall versions of the Jung catalog.

  • JW Pet

    JW Pet

    W pet products are intelligently designed to improve the lives of pets and pet parents. With JW, pet products go beyond the obvious and search for the newest innovation.

  • K & H Manufacturing
  • Kaeco
  • Kala Health

    Kala Health

    KALA Health, Inc. is a fast growing company, employing a staff of over 30 dedicated professionals. The company specializes in the manufacture and distribution of dietary supplements for people and their pets. Each member of the KALA Health Team has built a reputation of excellence. Warehousing is located in Traverse City, MI, and our manufacturing plant is located in Oakdale, CA. Product manufacturing takes place in accordance with cGMP regulations. In addition to our US and Canadian sales offices throughout the US (Massachusetts, Connecticut, Washington and Idaho), products are distributed through our European sister company, Kala Health International, bv, located in The Hague, The Netherlands, and through our Asian sister company, Kala Health, Asia, located in Singapore. Additional distribution centers are located in Malaysia, Thailand, Latvia and Australia. The goal of KALA Health is to provide its customers with the best health care products and ingredients on the market. We source our products exclusively, whenever possible, in the USA. We pledge to never buy cheap Chinese substitute ingredients. If you are not completely satisfied with our product(s), please email us and let us know. If we can't make it right, we ask you to return the product and we will gladly refund you your money.

  • Kalayjiian Industries

    Kalayjiian Industries

    In 1969, Wayne Kalayjian began developing veterinary supplies in his Long Beach, California design office. He was working with his brother-in-law, Willard Ommert, DVM, on the development of a sterile swab that could be used on brood mares to determine if they were contaminated with bacteria, which would curtail conception. Mr. Kalayjian and Dr. Ommert found few similar products. They spoke to various people in the industry, but it was Dr. Ommert that provided the most valuable information needed to create the culture instrument that other veterinarians would desire for use in the field. After an initial stainless steel device was designed, which was too rigid, Mr. Kalayjian developed a more flexible plastic version. The swab was so well thought out, designed and manufactured that it has only been subject to minor changes since it was first developed. Over the years more items were added to the product line as veterinarians and distributors alike requested various items with the Kalayjian Industries quality. Our stomach tubes and infusion pipettes have long been part of the products distributed worldwide over the years. We now offer a polyester guarded culture instrument. Initally designed for the bovine industry for the testing of Bovine Respiratory Disease (BRD), the polyester guarded culture instrument is now being used for a number of applications. Wayne Kalayjian has always known the value of family, and has worked to balance both work and family throughout his life. He inspired his daughter, Pat Kalayjian Hunter, to become involved in the business. In the early 80's, Pat became president of the family business and has been involved in it’s growth and continued success during the years. The third generation is now becoming involved with the business. Jill Tangredi, Wayne's granddaughter is working closely with Pat to continue to manufacture quality products for years to come.

  • Kamar Heatmount

    Kamar Heatmount

    In the late 1950's, when Veterinarian Earl Smith and A.I. Technician Carl Vail learned that local ranchers had no idea that a cow had to be in estrus ("heat") before she could conceive to artificial insemination, they decided to develop a device to assist A.I. breeders in determining when a cow was in true "standing heat". With the involvement of their inventive neighbor, Wilbur Rule, and after many false starts, the Kamar Heatmount Detector was developed. Over several decades, the Kamar Heatmount Detector has become the accepted standard for economical, accurate bovine heat detection worldwide.

  • Kane Manufacturing Company

    Kane Manufacturing Company

    Kane Manufacturing Company was founded in 1969 by Mike Kane, who is still president and owner. On January 1, 1979 Kane Manufacturing was incorporated. We are proud to uphold the reputation for quality products. Kane Manufacturing products are sold domestically and internationally to over 40 countries. When the company first opened its doors, it could only offer the industry a single product. The first product to carry the Kane Manufacturing name was the Model 600 Grain Scale. Next came the baby pig waterer, creep feeder, fiberglass heat mats, and from there the line continued to grow. Since 1969, Kane Manufacturing Co. Inc. has been providing the world with quality livestock products. Our products add value to any operation due to our superior and innovative designs, materials and technology. Our products help sort livestock, keep them warm and keep them fed. Over the years we have developed and marketed numerous products; ranging from electric heat mats, feeding and watering equipment, and milk replacement feeders for piglets, calves, sheep and pet/reptiles. We provide our customers with products that add value to their operations using of superior materials, innovative designs and the latest technology. Our products are energy efficient, durable and designed to improve production. We support our customers with a global distribution network and talented sales force operating worldwide. We aggressively compete in every market our industry supports to provide superior quality, competitive pricing and responsive customer service. Our mission is to provide the world with quality livestock products.

  • Kendall
  • Kerbl


    Everything started in a small farm in Felizenzell in 1962. Albert Kerbl´s father, Isidor Kerbl, was an expert in helping cows during risk births. His tool: an HK-calving aid. This tool was to be the cornerstone of an unprecedented business success. In 1967 Albert Kerbl recognised the enormous market potential of this calving aid and secured his rights for sales. 1984 the Albert Kerbl GmbH was founded with five staff members. Thanks to a clear vision, market knowledge and with incomparable quickness products have been developed and markets captured. Within only 25 years of doing business Albert Kerbl GmbH has succeeded in establishing itself in its branch as the most important partner of agriculture. To consolidate the achieved and to win new markets were and will be the guide lines of Albert Kerbl GmbH. This vision also includes to aim at the next 15 years. Florian Kerbl, the next Kerbl generation to serve this tradition, is already taking part in the positive development of the company as responsible export manager for Northern Europe and America. Milestones in the Kerbl Group • Development of new sales markets • Change from trader to manufacture The strategic emphasis on investing more in the entity's own products and using them to expand the range played a significant role in the company's rapid growth. Alongside this, the constant expansion of sales markets through the establishment of country-specific subsidiaries also had an extremely positive effect.

  • Ketchum
  • Keystone Mfg

    Keystone Mfg

    Especially designed to provide the greatest power where it is most needed, at the beginning of the cutting stroke. As the cutting stroke is started the blade closes slowly but powerfully. The powerful cutting stroke is aided by the use of extra long handles. The overall length including handles is 116cm. The 8cm maximum blade opening will allow you to dehorn even the largest beast.

  • Kim Laube Clipper

    Kim Laube Clipper

    What’s the advantage of buying from a family owned and operated manufacturer? The very best quality and service. Laube Brand products work hard for YOU. Making your job easier has always been our first priority. Our inventions prove to be the latest in cutting edge technology and craftsmanship. From the get go the Laube family has worked hard creating Laube Brand products what it is today. Wild Animal, Kelco, and Super Coats, Faux Paws, and Nature’s Choice brands were all formulated by Mr. Laube and are proudly MADE IN USA. These brands are natural, have some of the highest concentration, and are superior quality in the industry. Why? He’s had time to perfect every formulation

  • Kinco
  • Kinetic Techologies
  • KMG


  • Koehn Marketing
  • Koenders Mfg
  • Kong


    KONG Company is an American company headquartered in the state of Colorado that develops designs and produces lines of dog toys and cat toys. Its primary line of product is a snowman-like chew toy for dogs also named KONG

  • Kubus, Inc
  • KVP International
  • L & H Branding Irons

    L & H Branding Irons

    L & H revolutionized animal identification methods with the originally designed tubular type electric brander. L & H Manufacturing Company is recognized nationally as the leader in this field. L & H makes the most complete line of livestock branders with thousands of satisfied users all over the world. Reduce the chance of loss and theft of your livestock. Mark them permanently with an L & H Brander. All L & H Electric Branders are custom made to meet your exact specifications. Available in many designs of letters and numbers.

  • La-Co Industries All-Weather

    La-Co Industries All-Weather

    First Choice in Livestock Marking for over 69 years. The leader in safe and effective identification products.

  • Late For The Sky

    Late For The Sky

    Opoly games

  • Leather Brothers

    Leather Brothers

    Leather Brothers is located in Conway, Ark. Established in 1976 by brothers Louis and Steve Schrekenhofer.They are third generation leather workers, who began their career working with their father, George Schrekenhofer, Sr. 

  • Leggett & Platt
  • Lifeline
  • Links Medical Products, Inc.
  • Liphatech
  • Little Buster Toys

    Little Buster Toys

    Little Buster Toys was founded in 2008, in Southwest Missouri, with the idea that kids want realistic farm toys. These toys were created to allow the children to play with toys that represent a farming, ranching, or rodeo lifestyle. Little Buster Toys is known for their heavy-duty steel construction in their equipment line as well as high quality plastic animals.

  • Little Giant

    Little Giant

    Little Giant® has been a market leader for over 70 years. Products made under the Little Giant® brand have a reputation for being tough and durable. They help hobby farmers, ranchers, and breeders get the job done right.

  • Loveland Products
  • Lyon Engineered Products
  • Magrath
  • Mai


  • Mai


  • Majesty Nutrition
  • Manna Pro

    Manna Pro

    Manna Pro Products, LLC, formed in 1985, has deep roots and connections to some of the feed industries pioneers who paved the way for excellence in animal nutrition. Manna Pro strives to be a recognized leader in the care and nurturing of animals. As a leader, we will bring innovation, high and consistent quality, and excellent customer service to our customers and consumers. Manna Pro. Nurturing Life. We are the successor to Carnation Company Milling Division, with a 161 year history of manufacturing and marketing diversified animal feed. E.A. Stuart founded the Carnation Company when he purchased the Pacific Coast Condensed Milk Company in 1899. Our antecedents include Albers Brothers Milling Co. and John W. Eshelman & Sons, the oldest established animal feed business in the U.S. (1842). Today, Manna Pro has developed into a multi-faceted, progressive company that stands as a leader in the fields of animal health and nutrition. From our flagship brand, Calf-Manna®, to the most popular horse treats on the market, Manna Pro products continue to be staples in barns everywhere. Manna Pro knows you are committed to a more sustainable lifestyle, and so are we. As a company, we are always looking for new and better ways to make our products and get them to you with the smallest impact possible on our environment. One of the areas we are focused on is packaging, on developing better ways to package our products and on helping you find ways to recycle your packaging once you've finished the product. With the help of our customers, we've developed a list of the Top 10 Ideas for Recycling (and Upcycling) Feed Packaging, and we hope you'll find it helpful in your barn or on your homestead.

  • Mastitis Management Tools
  • McCulloch Medical
  • McKesson
  • Medi-Dart


    The MEDI-DART Projectile, Extension, or Crossbow syringe, invented by a group of central Alberta ranchers, makes medicating pasture cattle easy and less stressful for livestock. The patented MEDI-DART systems are easy to use and inject larger doses of medication than other medicating systems. MEDI-DART is used to give a single intramuscular or subcutaneous injection to livestock without restraining the animal. MEDI-DART also self-ejects once the injection is completed. At the end of the injection an ejector loop is pushed ahead which removes the needle from the animal for easy retrieval of the syringe.

  • Medline Industries
  • Merck
  • Merial
  • Merrick's Inc
  • MG Biologics
  • MGK


    Since 1902 our mission has been to make life healthier by creating responsible products that protect people and their environments from the impact of insects.

    As a team, we work hard to perfect the science of insect control. Driven by innovation, expertise and industry commitment, we continually add to and support our portfolio of products to bring confidence to your business — now and for decades to come.

  • Milk Specialties

    Milk Specialties

    Milk Specialties Global Animal Nutrition offers a spectrum of specialty dairy ingredients used in the formulation and processing of animal nutrition products, as well as a comprehensive line of milk replacers, ration supplements and rumen-inert fats. 

  • Miller Mfg
  • Millers Forge

    Millers Forge

    Quality Pet Products for over 65 Years! For Veterinarians, Pet Groomers & Pet Owners
  • MisterMax


    MisterMax was formed in 1984 with objectives to provide for the care of textiles. Initially, the service was devoted to the cleaning of upholstered furniture, draperies, carpeting and other fabrics on location. Our goal was to provide a quality of professional services at a level within the top ten percent of the fabric care industry. Over a period of time, services offered expanded to include sales, installations, repairs, dyeing, flood restoration, and odor-control.

  • Modern Vet Therapeutics

    Modern Vet Therapeutics

    We are a research driven company that devotes our energy to the research and development of innovative veterinary pharmaceuticals, biologics and diagnostics.

  • Montana Silversmiths
  • Moocall


    Moocall monitors your cow and alerts you before calving begins. Located in Ireland

  • MosquitoPaQ


    1610 Northgate Boulevard
    Sarasota, FL 34234

  • Motomco
  • MPS


  • MSBiotec
  • Mt. Ayr Vet
  • Multimin North America
  • Myristol
  • Nasco
  • Nature's Miracle

    Nature's Miracle

    The story of Nature’s Miracle is truly one of serendipity, hard work, and continuous dedication to quality innovations. What is now known as a line of effective pet solutions began humbly with founder Joe Weiss who, as an active member of his community, set out to create a simple clean-up product that could be used safely in area preschools. His first formula proved to be extremely effective and was loved by the many teachers who used it in their classrooms. They were amazed that a product could be gentle enough to use around young preschoolers, but strong enough to take on the worst kid messes; from juice spills to tracked-in dirt and mud, this new product seemed to be able to handle it all. Perhaps this is why one such preschool teacher and avid user of Weiss’ formula turned to it during a moment of need. She had returned home one evening to find that her beloved pet had an accident on her brand-new carpet and, desperate for a solution, she applied the product that had worked so well in her classroom. It worked! The formula had removed all traces of her pet’s illness and returned her carpet to its original, pristine state. Extremely pleased, she immediately called up Joe Weiss to let him know of the incredible versatility of Nature’s At Nature's Miracle, we are all about solving your pet problems.Miracle. As a pet-parent to his own mischievous and sometimes accident-prone cat, Joe Weiss immediately saw the importance of creating a pet specific clean-up solution. He quickly produced a new edition of his popular Nature’s Miracle called “Pet-Mess Easy Clean-Up.” The new product sold out in less than 48 hours! To this day, the Nature’s Miracle team of experts work to create some of the best pet solutions in the industry, inspired by Weiss’s Nature’s Miracle Original Stain and Odor Remover. And so it went, Nature’s Miracle solutions became instant staples in the homes of pet parents everywhere-- there simply isn’t anything else on the market that utilized pet and family-safe ingredients to effectively remove pet stains AND odors. At Nature’s Miracle, we work tirelessly to meet Weiss’ original standards in providing effective and safe pet solutions. As parents to our own quirky, loving, and playful pets, we understand exactly where pet parents are coming from and are constantly on the lookout for new areas in which Nature’s Miracle can fulfill this promise. From cleaning solutions to training and behavioral aids and everything in between, Nature’s Miracle provides solutions for a clean home and a happy, healthy pet.

  • NE Livestock
  • Neogen
  • New Tec
  • Newtrix
  • NJ Phillips
  • No-Bull Enterprises Callicrate

    No-Bull Enterprises Callicrate

    The Callicrate Bander has earned a reputation as the most humane and effective bloodless castration method on the market, recommended by veterinarians, animal handling specialists and cattle producers

  • Norbrook
  • Nordic Forge
  • North States Industries
  • Northeast Livestock
  • Novartis Animal Health
  • Nursemate
  • Nutramax Labs
  • Oralx Corporation
  • Osborn
  • Oster Clippers
  • Pala-Tech
  • Parker McCrory
  • Partrade
  • Peach Teats
  • Performance Products Inc
  • Pet-Ag


    From kittens to dogs, exotic pets to wildlife, animals are our life. Regardless of breed or species, Pet-Ag works hard to deliver the quality products that are designed to enhance and enrich the lives of all animals.

  • PetAg
  • PetKing
  • Petthrive


    Petthrive products are used to manage chronic inflammation, a condition that is extremely common in dogs in training and in geriatric or aging dogs. Untreated chronic inflammation leads to discomfort, reduced mobility and diminished performance. Petthrive products manage chronic inflammation to reduce stiffness, relieve soreness and speed recovery.

  • Pfizer Animal Health
  • Pharmgate Animal Health

    Pharmgate Animal Health

    Pharmgate Animal Health specializes in the development and marketing of high quality medicines for the control of disease in livestock and poultry in North America.

  • Phibro
  • Pierce's NU-Stock
  • Pioneer
  • Platinum Performace
  • Platinum Performance
  • Pneu-Dart
  • PortaCheck


    PortaCheck, Inc. was founded in 2004 by PortaScience, Inc. to focus on the marketing and sale of portable testing devices for the dairy industry.PortaScience is a nationally recognized company that develops technologies for easy-to-use tests in the healthcare, veterinary, and consumer markets

  • Preserve International
  • Preserve International
  • Prima Tech
  • Private Label
  • Pro Formula
  • Pro Image
  • Prodigy Instruments

    Prodigy Instruments

    Prodigy Instruments introduces the third generation of the Phillips Family Heritage. The Phillips name is synonymous in the Animal Health and Delivery Systems industry, from Norman James Phillips in 1930, through the second generation of sons Norman John Phillips and Ian Phillips to the present day third generation, Matthew Phillips.

  • Promika LLC

    Promika LLC

    Promika LLC is a companion animal health company dedicated to helping you keep your pets healthier. We provide affordable flea and tick options to keep your pet healthier, and you – and your pet – happier.

  • Prozap
  • Purina
  • Pyranha Inc

    Pyranha Inc

    Pyranha, Inc. was chartered December 4, 1972, for the purpose of manufacturing and marketing a full line of fly control products. Pyranha pioneered the development of an automatic insect control system which dispenses specially formulated insecticides providing the horse industry with a reliable, effective and economical method of insect control in and around animal quarters and barns. For over 40 years Pyranha, Inc has been innovating and providing pest control solutions for the residential and livestock industry. Pyranha not only offers ready-to-use and concentrated insecticide products as well as their misting systems, but they also offer a line of odor-management products ideal for homes, kennels, livestock areas and more. As a top manufacturer of fly sprays, barn misting systems and insect control solutions we will continue our commitment to providing our customers with the best quality and most advanced technologies to effectively control their insect problems

  • R & K Farm Technologies
  • Ralco Animal Health

    Ralco Animal Health

    Ralco is a 40+ year old, third-generation family business with distribution in over 20 countries around the world. Since its founding, Ralco has provided producers with innovative solutions built on exclusive technologies that enhance profitability. Ralco provides advanced technologies for agriculture through animal nutrition, animal health, and enhanced plant performance.

    Improving livestock and formulated with exclusive technologies Customer-focused solutions Research proven

  • Ramard
  • Reeves International Inc.
  • Replendish
  • Rescue


    The smarter pest control.

  • Rhinehart Development
  • Ritchey Livestock ID
  • Robbins Lightning Inc.
  • Rockway, Inc

    Rockway, Inc

    Manufacturer of Estrotect Heat Detectors, Accubreed, and Animal Identification Bands.

    ESTROTECT™ Heat Detectors are an economic, easy-to-use and highly effective heat detection aid. AccuBreed™ features electronic components that capture every mounting event as it happens. Wireless, rechargeable transmitters are applied above the tailhead of a cow to digitally send a data stream with the date, time and duration of every mounting event in real time. All mounting data is collected, stored and instantly reported to the farmer through the AccuBreed™ Software Whether for dry cows, medical treatment, sorting or any other reason, ID by Estrotect™ is a simple and effective method to identify your animals

  • Rostech Electronics
  • Sara Lee
  • Sav-A-Caf
  • Schering
  • Schermer
  • Sergeants
  • Sergio Lub

    Sergio Lub

    Sergio Lub is an American artist of Russian descent, born in Argentina in 1953.   Trained as an architect in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Sergio realized his creativity could be more freely expressed as a jewelry designer. With access to an abundance of silver, Sergio’s introduction to copper began when he started adding copper into his work for color.

  • Shapley's
  • Shoof International, LTD

    Shoof International, LTD

    A developer, manufacturer, importer, Exporter, marketer and exporter of agricultural and veterinary equipment

  • Silver Lining Herbs

    Silver Lining Herbs

    Today Silver Lining Herbs is a world leader in natural herbal support for horses and dogs, with tremendous sales growth as word has spread of the effectiveness of Silver Lining Herbs. Yet, it remains a family-owned company, with a passion for helping people take optimal care of their animals for both health and performance. This ethos has its roots with Lavern Young, father of Silver Lining founder Mickey Young. A cattle rancher and range rider for the Bureau of Land Management for over 20 years, Lavern grew up in close proximity to the Navajo Indians, from whom he learned a great deal about medicinal herbs and their beneficial uses for both human and animal. All of these life experiences came together to form a commitment to seeking health naturally, a commitment shared by his wife Ruth Young, who became an herbalist in her own right, respected throughout the community for the quality of the herbs and advice found at her store. Growing up on his family’s ranch, Mickey saw firsthand the powerful effects that herbs can have on humans and animals, and learned how to blend the right combinations to support various systems in the body. When he became a rodeo champion and then rodeo stock company owner, he applied his knowledge of herbs to over 200 head of horses and bulls, and proved the effectiveness of his choices over and over again as they remained healthy high performers in the face of a heavy travel schedule. Mickey was so successful in keeping his stock in optimum health that he provided over 60 head of rough stock to the National Finals Rodeo. Now retired from the rodeo stock business, Mickey still team ropes, and works to build Silver Lining Herbs. Wherever the future takes Silver Lining, you may be certain of one thing: providing the best possible resources for natural health will always come first. Every horse and dog deserves to have the best health possible, and that’s what Silver Lining is all about.

  • Simcro


    Simcro has proven experience creating highly innovative solutions to administer veterinary pharmaceuticals de-wormers, antibiotics and pour-Ons effectively, efficiently, and safely.

  • Skellerup
  • Sogeval
  • Source Micronutrients
  • Sprayola
  • Springer Magrath Company
  • Star Horse
  • Starbar
  • Steris Life Sciences

    Steris Life Sciences

    a leading provider of infection prevention and surgical products and services, focused primarily on critical healthcare, pharmaceutical and research markets around the world.

  • Sterling
  • Stewart
  • Stone Manufacturing

    Stone Manufacturing

    of a Stone product is to experience it. We value our quality and performance just as much as our customers do, therefore at Stone our American made products, knowledgeable customer service and reliability are number one. Stone products are all made of the highest quality and are manufactured with most meticulous detail. These are all very important to American livestock producers, veterinarians and pet owners who rely on our exceptional service, depend on our quality and value our performance. Experience Stone for yourself!

  • Straight Arrow Products
  • Stuart Products

    Stuart Products

    Stuart Products began in 1988 with the purpose of developing and marketing animal nutritional supplements based upon sound scientific research. The goal of our company is to sell products that have demonstrated benefits in animals. Most of our targeted markets are overlooked by larger, multi-national companies.

  • Sullivan Supply

    Sullivan Supply

    Sullivan Supply's deep roots in the livestock show industry led to the start up of Sullivan Supply over two decades ago. Get your show animals ready with our selection of Sullivan Supply's grooming products and tools.

  • Supreme Pet Foods

    Supreme Pet Foods

    At Supreme we take our responsibilities to small pets and the wider community very seriously. The company policy is to provide the best quality foods and always clearly communicate the correct way to feed small pets. •Supreme invests in veterinary education to help further understanding of the needs of small pets. •Experts in veterinary medicine and nutritionists are involved in the formulation of Supreme recipes. •All of our foods for vegetarian pets are made in dedicated vegetarian facilities and we only use the finest natural ingredients. •We do not use ingredients, such as palm oil, that might harm the environment or other animal species.

  • Synbiotics
  • Syrvet
  • T-Hexx Animal Health
  • Tech Mix
  • TechMix
  • Texas Vet  Labs

    Texas Vet Labs

    Texas Vet Lab, Inc has over 38 years of experience in the field of animal health and bovine vaccine research and production. TVL also has an on-site lab that runs diagnostic samples for virus and bacteria isolation using real time PCR technology. The facility conveys "real-time" answers to respiratory infections and provides antibiotic sensitivities to assist veterinarians and clients in the selection of antibiotic therapy

  • ThaMa-Vet


    ThaMa Vet specializes in the development and manufacture of state-of-the-art automatic syringe systems and injectors for veterinary and healthcare applications.

  • Thornell


    Thornell’s sole business is manufacturing odor elimination products. You can rest easy knowing that if you are using Thornell products, you are in fact using, “The One That Works!”.

  • Tingley Rubber
  • Toltrazuril
  • Tomlyn Veterinary Science
  • Treds
  • Two Old Goats
  • Udder comfort International Inc

    Udder comfort International Inc

    Udder Comfort is a Canadian company that manufactures a unique product made of essential oils that soften and soothe udders. Udder Comfort Udder comfort lotions and sprays are distributed worldwide. The Udder Comfort manufacturing site meets the strictest quality guidelines, achieving the International Organization for Standardization

  • Valdar
  • Van Beek Scientific

    Van Beek Scientific

    We are known in the biotechnology and nutraceutical field as innovators in product development and quality assurance. Everything we do is in support of providing you effective natural alternatives for your animal health needs. Our team is committed to quality and food safety and has taken an industry lead in quality certifications.

    Mr. Ron Van Beek, President and CEO, has been involved in the science of animal health for over twenty-five years. In 1982 Ron bought an entity known as Fandsco Enterprises, Inc. which was a wholesaler of mineral and vitamin premixes for livestock use. In 1984, he incorporated herbal extracts and micronized vitamins imported from Europe into the product offering. It was 1991 when he started Van Beek Scientific with sales of natural animal health products manufactured by European companies and distributed by Van Beek Scientific. Sales were targeted primarily in the United States and Europe.

  • VedCo
  • Vedco
  • Vet Classics/VetResources
  • Vet Life
  • Vet One
  • Vet Tuf Industries

    Vet Tuf Industries

    Manufacturer of the best Propane Dehorner available. Invented & designed by a working veterinarian, The Iron has been proven in the industry. Dehorning, cauterizing and Searing on Cattle, Sheep, Goats.

  • Vetericyn


    Vetericyn® is committed to being the world’s leading manufacturer of high quality, innovative and reliable animal healthcare products. We will use our repertoire of technology to continue to solve issues in the animal healthcare industry and differentiate our content, services and consumer products. We will continue to seek and develop the most safe, effective, and innovative animal healthcare products in the world.

  • Veterinary Products Lab /VetKem

    Veterinary Products Lab /VetKem

    A division of Central Life Sciences, a leader in insecticide manufacturing and distribution, VPL was one of the first companies to manufacture home and yard flea and tick control solutions for veterinarians. These solutions have been used to protect millions of dogs and cats and their homes against flea and tick infestations. VPL also offers a unique solution for inflammation in dogs, cats and horses. For over 13 years, the Duralactin® brand has helped veterinarians help their patients have a better quality of life by managing inflammation. A strong player in veterinary medical and surgical devices, VPL offers quality sutures, infusion therapy, blood collection tubes, and more under the BD brand. Our VPL Sutures have been chosen for over 9 million veterinary surgeries. VPL products are currently distributed in the U.S. and parts of Europe.

  • VetOne
  • Vetoquinol


    Since 1933, Vetoquinol has been a family-owned company devoted exclusively to animal health. We focus our research and products on a range of animal health issues, including pet oral hygiene, nephrology, urology, joint health and cardiology. Our expertise in pet pain management and veterinary resources have helped us establish a genuine relationship of trust with our customers. 

  • VetriScience
  • Vets Plus
  • Vettec
  • Victor Pest Control

    Victor Pest Control

    Victor® is recognized as a world leader in the rodent control category and has been a trusted brand name since 1898. Victor® revolutionized the rodent control market over 100 years ago with the invention of the spring-based Victor® Mouse Trap.

  • Virbac Animal Health
  • Vogeler Manufacturing

    Vogeler Manufacturing

    We are a manufacturing facility located in the North Loup River Valley. We have been proudly manufacturing and distributing products for the last 12 years. Many people know us for our Shoofly brand of products which include the new patent pending Shoofly Mask, and the patented Shoofly Leggins that have set the standard for chemical free fly control in the equine industry. We are also well respected in the drywall industry for our innovative tool the patented DL Ripper that makes it able for even a novice to have perfect cuts every time. Also, for our patent pending Mud-Mizer sponge that once wet, fits over mud pans to keep dry wall mud, and joint compound from drying out. We are also proud to announce that we have just brought back our manufacturing of American Flags it is an honor to be producing these right here in America

  • W.F. Young
  • Wadsworth Cattle Banders
  • Wahl


    Under Greg Wahl's leadership, the company sets its sights on Leading with Vision, a new philosophy for the 21st Century. "To maintain our leadership position in the personal care categories we serve, we must have vision. Vision to continually improve our existing products. Vision to bring new products to market which meet the wants and needs of consumers. Vision to stay innovative and ahead of our competitors, and vision to support our customers, the retailers, with sales and marketing programs that make it easy, fun and profitable for them to sell more Wahl products. Leading with Vision means constantly being alert to new opportunities. By sharing the vision, we can make tomorrow absolutely extraordinary

  • Weaver Leather
  • Wellmark
  • Western Instrument Company

    Western Instrument Company

    Western Instrument Company manufactures precision engineered veterinary instruments including syringes, dehorners, restraints, O.B. equipment, equine dental equipment, and specialty electronic devices just to name a few. Proud to feature products made in the USA.

  • Winding Way Farm
  • Windwood Farm

    Windwood Farm

    Located in the country just north of Springfield, MO. 

  • Wysiwash
  • Y-tex
  • Yeoman / YOHO
  • Z Tags
  • Zephyr Manufacturing Co.
  • ZinPro
  • Zodiac Pet Care
  • Zoetis
  • Zoetis Pfizer Animal Health

    Zoetis Pfizer Animal Health

    Zoetis discovers, develops, manufactures and commercializes a diverse portfolio of animal health medicines and vaccines designed to meet the real-world needs of veterinarians and the livestock farmers and companion animal owners they support.

  • Zymox