Calf-Eze Calf Puller

M 012744

Calf-Eze Calf Puller

Ideal - Engineered for the user who prefers a dual-action instead of a single pull instrument


Utilizes non-slip cam traction system similar to Dr. Frank's, but with two pulling points that alternately advance to shift the pull from one leg to the other. Dual-action jack body is made of special strength, lightweight aluminum that resists corrosion. Convenient pin release mechanism allows for easy assembly. Third chain hook is provided to give single pull option.


Strong and durable: lightweight, high-tech materials provide years of service.

Dual-action pull. Easy, one-person operation. Utilizing nonslip cam traction - no slipping or backing up.

Traction on the calf and the counter thrust against the cow induce the spreading of the pelvic bones, the elevation of the abdomen, and arching of the cow’s back.

This calf puller makes locked hip deliveries relatively easy.


Aerospace, heat-treated, aluminum alloy jack, and state-of-the-art handle release.

Four hardened steel cams, two cam springs, precision, two-section rod assembly, 23 in. cast aluminum breechen, and nylon web strap.

OB chains not included.

One-year warranty.


If you are not familiar with the use of fetal extractors or pulling techniques, consult with your veterinarian before using.

The rods must be securely screwed together.

Do not operate the jack past 3/4 of the rod’s length (54” from the breechen). If necessary, release and reposition the jack to complete the pull.

Do not use the rod as a lever to assist in pulling.


Placing the Jack on the Rod

1. If necessary, move the Jack Release Pin to its UNLOCKED position.

2. Slip the bottom half of the jack assembly (the bottom half has “Ideal” stamped on it) onto the shorter rod, on the opposite end from the male pipe threads. Pressing the black steel cams down onto their spring helps the assembly slide onto the rod.

3. Repeat the process with the top half of the assembly.

4. Once both halves are on the rod, slide the jack down the rod.

General Operating Instructions

 1. Place breechen on the cow. Place the breechen against the cow’s rump with the strap slots up, and strap laying across the cow’s back just ahead of the pin bones. Adjust the strap, if necessary, so that the breechen’s rod opening is just below the cow’s vulva.

2. Attach chains to the calf’s legs. Attach one chain to each of the calf’s legs. (Note: Two chains are required for the alternating leg pull.)

3. Place rod and jack into breechen. Place the assembled rod (with jack in place) into the rod opening in the breechen. Move the Jack Release Pin to its LOCKED position. This will prevent the jack from sliding back toward the cow under load pressure.

4. Attach the chains to the jack. If performing the alternating (zigzag) leg pull, attach one chain to the only hook on the top half of the jack and one chain to the hook on the opposite side of bottom half of the jack (see right).

If performing a single pull, attach one chain to a hook on the bottom half of the jack and one chain to the hook on the opposite side of the jack. The single hook on the top half of the jack is not used for the single pull.

5. Ratchet the calf free. Slowly and very carefully ratchet the jack until the pull is complete. If necessary, turn the Jack Release Pin to the UNLOCKED position and lift the handle to reposition the jack on the rod. Remember to LOCK the Jack Release Pin before beginning to ratchet again.

6. Cleaning Calf Eze. After each use clean Calf Eze with a mild disin- fectant.

M 012744

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