Hercules Calf Puller, 65"

M 000260

Hercules Calf Puller, 65"

Jorgensen - This calf puller provides an entirely new approach to difficult calvings.


The Hercules calf puller provides a new approach to difficult calvings. The ratchet type jack has 3 separate hook attach­ ments, one for each of the two obstetrical leg chains, and a separate hook for the head sling. Two of these hooks pull alter­ nately along the shaft by moving the jack handle back and forth. Even a very difficult birth can be helped by using this zig zag pull.


The shaft screws apart at the breech and mid-point for easy storage. Be sure the shaft is screwed all the way together at the mid-point or the shaft may bend.

The jack assembly has three hooks. By putting one chain on one side hook and another chain on the other side hook, you will be pulling one leg at a time, This alternating or "zig-zag" pull actually "walks" the calf out. This causes less strain on the pulled calf.

The middle hook can be used for a chain around the calf's head or if you want to pull both legs simultaneously.

The calf puller should be taken apart and cleaned thoroughly after each use.

To release under tension, it is necessary to release and move backwards one catch at a time.


Length: 65 in.

OB Chain: 36 in. chain

Breech Width: 25 in.

Material Made of: plated steel

Hip Strap: chrome chain

Drive Mechanism: ratchet jack

One-year warranty


It is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the operation of this calf puller before using.

Please consult your local veterinarian for proper use of this device. Use of this equipment without veterinary supervision may result in severe trauma, injury or death to the cow, mare, calf or foal.

Veterinary supervision is recommended.

M 000260

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