OB Straps Nylon - 30in

Brand Varies - Nylon OB straps spread tension over wider area on calf's leg to prevent fractures.

Can be used with or without a mechanical tension device.


Alternative to traditional OB chains; these heavy-duty nylon straps allow for pulling on the fetus without gouging or binding limbs. Designed for strength and durability, the nylon is weather- and mildew-resistant; the D-rings are nickel-plated with welded steel to prevent corrosion.

Species: Beef and dairy cattle, sheep and goats


Floating D-ring area designed to ensure the O.B. handle pulls equally while staying in the center of the strap. 

Economical alternative to chains. 

Easy to clean.


Tuck a bit of the strap over the D-ring through the d-ring causing a loop (see photo above) then place the loop over the calf's leg above the first large joint and pull to tighten, repeat with other leg and other side of the strap; place the middle part of the strap over the hook on the puller. Or use with OB handles.


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