Save-A-Calf  Calf Snare


Save-A-Calf Calf Snare

Ideal - Fabricated from high grade steel cable and features a thimble for use with OB Handle.

OB Handle sold separately!


Heavy-duty obstetrical instrument assists in difficult deliveries. For use in difficult calving to pull a retracted head forward or preventing the head from turning back during delivery. Adjustable head loop that can be made smaller or larger by moving the yoke. Also has a small loop for attaching an obstetrical hook(sold separately).

Species: Beef and dairy cattle


Prevents the head from turning back during delivery.


Do not be in a hurry to pull the calf. 

Do not pull both front legs at the same time or apply too much force. 

Do not lock the calves’ hips in the pelvic inlet of the cow. 

Make sure chains and straps are properly positioned to avoid injury to the calf.


Scrub your hands and arms with warm soapy water. Use approved OB lube to lubricate the reproductive tract. Wash manure off the vulva, pin bones and thighs. Check the position of the calf. Use the OB calf snare to loop around the head of the calf.


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