Callicrate PRO Bander Kit


Callicrate PRO Bander Kit

No Bull - The Callicrate PRO Bander Kit is a high quality tool used for humane non-surgical castration. 


The Callicrate PRO Bander Kit is a high quality tool from No Bull used for humane non-surgical castration. It works well on any size bull (300 lbs – 3000 lbs). The PRO Bander is lighter weight and easier to use than the previous Callicrate bander. Kit includes: bander, storage case, 5 loops, and cutter.

High Tech-Built to Last-Callicrate Tough!

The new ergonomical design has eliminated the need to crimp the tension loop, which speeds up operation. The tension system pull cord is now a tough, webbed strap with a 360-degree tension indicator that can be read from any angel. The loops are bright green to help the user verify the loop is secured and placed properly.

There is no wrong way to load the loop and loops are larger for easier application.


Bloodless castration of bulls of any size.

Carrying case for easy storage and use.

Lightweight design; easier to use than the original.

No need to clamp each band.

Large loop opening for easy placement.

Perfect tension every time.


For castration of bulls 300 to 3000 lbs.

Kit comes with carrying case, bander, band cutter, 5 loops and instruction card.

Heat, ultraviolet rays and ozone can cause the degradation of loops. Store loops in a cardboard box or plastic bag at room temperature.


Install loop on the nose of bander and hook the strap to pull tab. Apply enough tension to pull loop against nose of tool, but not through it. The loop should be placed at about the top of both testicles, approximately 1 inch, but as far from the belly as possible. Avoid twisting the loop. Tighten the loop to the indicator line on the handle of the bander. Firmly hold the Bander in place, with the palm of your hand push the cutter up to cut the loop. It is recommended to give a tetanus toxoid vaccine to banded animals.



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