The California Bander® Bands

Inosol LLC - Natural latex bands with aluminum T-clip attached.  5" long.

For use with the California bander sold separately!


These natural latex bands have an attached aluminum T-clip, which fits into a slot on the tool. The band is stretched around the scrotal sack, locked back into the clip and the tool is removed.

Species: Beef calves, sheep and goats


Bloodless castration. 

No limit on the size of animal you can castrate. 

Economical, reduces time and cost.


After the band has been applied it usually takes and average of 28 plus days for scrotum to fall off. 

You can use this system on young animals as long as you can feel that both testicles are down. 

Best to keep 1 inch between band and the abdominal wall.


Use with the California Bander.

Slip the tool onto your left hand. With the right hand, place the clip of the band to the slot of the tool. Hold the free end of the band between the first and second fingers of the left hand. Doing so will help the clip stay steady while you stretch the band.

Grasp the scrotal sac and hold the tool firmly against it. Lock the band into the clip by pulling the stretched band down the center slot all the way to the bottom. When the clip is down, pull the band to the right corner of the T-slot on the clip to lock it. (Be sure to keep the band fully stretched as you pull it around, because it can’t be tightened once it is locked in the clip.)

Release the clip from the tool by slightly tipping it backward; this will leave the band with the clip attached on the scrotal sac. The rubber tube does not need to come off. (If you can fit your finger between the band and the scrotal sac you do not have the band tight enough). 



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