Elastrator Tool Economy (nickel)


Elastrator Tool Economy

Brand Varies - Economy nickel pliers for applying rubber bands to dock and castrate baby calves and lambs.


A popular elastrator instrument for applying latex bands/rings used in tail docking and castration. The durable construction is nickel-plated yet lightweight, and is designed for easy application of the latex bands/rings. Notched expanding fingers securely hold the bands. The tapered nose prevents dirt build-up. Roller ensures smooth operation.

The modern, easy method of bloodless castrating and docking lamb/young goats. Used in stretching a strong, specially compounded, rubber ring which is placed over the purse (scrotum) to castrate lambs/young goats and for docking (tailing) lambs. The circulation of blood is shut off almost immediately. Any feeling of discomfort will quickly leave the animal as the parts become numb.


Made of high-quality, long-lasting nickle metal.

Lightweight, to reduce stress on user.

Notched expanding fingers securely hold the bands.


Use with castrating bands.

Administering a tetanus vaccine is recommended when using this method of castration.


Restrain animal. Place band on bander and open. Place open band over scrotum. Before releasing the band, ensure both testicles are below the bander. The scrotum should drop off in 20 to 40 days. A tetanus toxoid vaccination is recommended at application. Monitor animals for infection.


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