Tri-Bander Castrator w/10 bands


EZE Tri-Bander Castrator w/10 bands

Wadsworth Mfg. - Specially designed bloodless castration tool for use on bulls up to approximately 350 pounds (3 to 4 months of age).


Works like traditional plier banders, but can be used on bigger animals; bands are 2 times stronger than traditional bands. Causes less stress than crushing or cutting; does not require any tightening or crimping for application. Simply slip band over bander posts; open; place around scrotum and testicles and release. Allows you to delay castration for better gain and growth in younger animals. May also be used for docking tails or for castrating rams or goats. 

Species: Calves, Sheep, and Goats


Requires no tightening or threading of any kind. 

Allows the producer to reap the benefits of delayed castration. 

Easy to load and operate. 

Also use for removing horns and docking tails.

Bands are pre-treated with antiseptic.


Bander comes with 10 bands.

It is recommended to vaccinate with a tetanus toxoid when castrating with this tool.


Restrain animal. Place band on bander and open. Place open band over scrotum. Before releasing the band, ensure that both testicles are below the bander. The scrotum should drop off in 20 to 40 days. A tetanus toxoid vaccination is recommended at application. Monitor animals for infection.


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