Tri-Bander Rings (25ct)


Tri-Bander Rings 25ct

Wadsworth Mfg. - The Tri-Bander rings are designed to work with the Tri-Bander. 


They are designed for bulls weighing from newborn to 350 pounds.  Tri-Bander Bands also work on standard pliers and are twice as strong as the green bands. 

Species: Calves, Sheep, and Goats


Twice as strong as the green bands. 

Applicator requires no tightening of any kind. 

Easy to use and apply. 

Can also be used for removing horns and docking tails.


25ct bag of bands.

Band opens to 2.5" X  2.5 " X  2.5".


Restrain the animal. Place the ring onto the bander and open. Slip over the scrotum. Before removing the bander, ensure that both testicles are below the ring. It is recommended to give a tetanus shot for the procedure. Monitor castrated animals for infection.


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