XL Bander Bands Only 25ct


XL Tri-Bands Only 25ct.

Wadsworth Manufacturing - XL Bander Latex Rings are for use with XL castrating bander  to provide a bloodless castration.

Bander Sold Separately!


The XL Bander is designed for bulls weighing from 250 to 750 pounds. The bands open to 4 inches by 3 inches by 3 inches.

Species: Beef cattle and calves


Requires no tightening or crimping of any kind. 

Easy to use and apply. 

Can be used for removing horns and docking tails. 

Stronger and more durable than the green bands.


25 count bag

For use on bulls 250 to 750 lbs


Restrain animal. Place band on bander and open. Place open band over scrotum. Before releasing the band, ensure both testicles are below the bander. 

On bulls with scrotums too large for the open band to slip over both testicles at the same time: simply place the open band at the bottom of the scrotal sac. Push the tool up toward the body and work the testicles through the band one at a time.

When removing the band from the tool, place the band as far from the body as possible. The scrotum should drop off in 20 to 40 days. A tetanus toxoid vaccination is recommended at application. Monitor animals for infection.


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