Elastrator Rings  100ct


Elastrator Rings 100ct

Brand Varies - The Green Elastrator Rings are for castratoring young animals or docking tails. Made of premium latex for excellent retention. 

Elastrator Tool must be purchased separately!


For use with economy or standard castrator tool. 100ct package. Dimensions: 1/8” thick, Inside diameter:  ¼”, Outside Diameter: ½”.


Easy to use and apply. 

An economic way to castrate young animals. 

This product can also be used to dock tails.


Wear safety goggles; bands may come off bander and fly at eyes. 

This product is to be used for castrating and docking tails of animals only. 

Do not use this product for castrating older animals.


Restrain animals. Place one castration band onto the four prongs. Carefully open pliers and pull scrotum through. Work both testicles below castration band. Before removing castration pliers, make sure both testicles are below the castration band. Only use one band per animal.



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