Fight Bac Udder Spray


Fight Bac Udder Spray 22oz.

Deep Valley Farms Inc. - Fight bac Udder Spray is a ready-to-use, sanitary, convenient, kills bacteria, gentle on teats, chills teats.  

ORMD product, must ship UPS ground.


A convenient alternative to traditional teat dipping, this aerosol spray disinfects udders and teats post-milking. With no dip cups and nothing touching the teats, the spread of disease is reduced. The ready-to-use spray is applied easily with the wide spray nozzle. There is no wasted product. Contains chlorhexidine to disinfect and glycerin to condition the skin. One can treats 300 cows.

Species: Dairy cattle


Wide spray pattern clears residual milk from the teat orifice and provides total coverage.

Contains active ingredients Chlorhexidine and Glycerine to protect against infection and maintain excellent skin condition.

Chills the teat, enhancing closure of the teat orifice.

Proven save and effective under NMC guidelines.

New 45-degree nozzle is more comfortable to use and delivers complete teat coverage, even on goats and deep-uddered cows.

Lower profile of nozzle cuts down on nozzle breakage.

Seamless aluminum can prevents leaks.


No chance to spread infection by a dirty dip cup.

Ready to use; no diluting, mixing or shaking.

No mixing or preparation.

Comfortable 45-degree nozzle ensures full coverage.

Cost is comparable to mid-priced teat dip.

One can of Fight Bac will treat 300 cows.

10% glycerin for healthier skin condition.


Hold can in upright position ½-inch below teat. Apply a brief spray to each teat after milking. A light-blue protective coating assures coverage. Prior to the next milking, wash the teats and dry with a clean towel.


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