Thiamine 500mg/ml 100ml - RX


Thiamine 500mg/ml 100ml - RX

Brand Varies - Thiamine Hydrochloride is used as a supplemental source of thiamine in dogs, cats, and horses.

Provides 500 mg thiamine hydrochloride per ml. 


Thiamine is indicated in the treatment or prevention of thiamine deficiency states. Symptoms of thiamine deficiency may be manifested as gastrointestinal (anorexia, salivation), neuromuscular/CNS signs (ataxia, seizures, loss of reflexes), or cardiac effects (brady- or tachyarrhythmias). Deficiency states may be secondary to either a lack of thiamine in the diet or the presence of thiamine destroying compounds in the diet (e.g., bracken fern, raw fish, amprolium, thiaminase-producing bacteria in ruminants).

Thiamine has also been used in the adjunctive treatment of lead poisoning and ethylene glycol toxicity (to facilitate the conversion of glyoxylate to nontoxic metabolites).


Thiamine, or Vitamin B1, supports the intestines, stomach, heart, muscles, brain, and nervous system, thus playing a pivotal role in many of the body's functions. This medication offers beneficial thiamine supplementation.


STORAGE: Store at controlled room temperatures between 15° - 30°C (59° - 86°F).

WARNING: Anaphylactogenesis to parenteral thiamine has occurred. Administer slowly and with caution in doses over 0.10 mL (50 mg).

CAUTION: Federal law restricts this drug to use by or on the order of a licensed veterinarian.


For intravenous or intramuscular use as determined by the veterinarian.


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