Ear Plugs Foam without cord 200ct

Brand Varies -  Ideal for keeping your ears protected to avoid hearing loss or damage. 


Uncorded foam earplugs that are soft, hypoallergenic with a tapered design to fit in the ear canal. Features a smooth dirt-resistant surface; helps protect your ears form loud noise, dirt and dust particles. Extra-soft, extra-light foam Earplugs are tapered to fit even the smallest ear canals. Smaller design seals gently and exerts less pressure making them ideal for extended periods of wear. 200 Count

Hearing loss caused by noise is preventable, hearing protection reduces stress, anxiety and fatigue at the end of the day. Agricultural workers should keep earplugs handy at all times. Loud noises produced by farm machinery can put farmers at an increased risk for hearing loss. Hearing  muffs should be worn when operating farm equipment as well as lawn tractors.

Noise levels above 85 decibels can cause hearing loss. Examples of common sounds above this include gunshots, firecrackers, grain dryers, chain saws, rock bands, circular saws, squealing pigs, a tractor idling in the shop 6 feet or less away, hand drills, a combine 10 feet away and at full throttle, table saws, a tractor without a cab or a combine while riding in the cab.


The noise reduction rating (NRR) is 29 dB. 

It can be used with ear muffs for additional protection. 

Comfortable for a wide range of ear sizes. 

Easy to use.


With clean hands, roll (don’t squeeze) the ear plug between your thumb and first two fingers until the diameter of the plug is as small as possible. Reach over your head with your opposite hand and pull the top of your ear to open your ear canal.

While holding the ear open, quickly insert the rolled end of the ear plug as far as possible into the ear canal. Keep your finger on the end of the plug for about 10 seconds until the plug expands to seal the ear.


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