Allflex Global Large Blank Tags 25ct - Orange


Allflex Global Large Blank Tags 25ct - Orange

Allflex- New retention collar and self-piercing male piece provides easier application.

Proven shape and high performance design provides durability in the most difficult environments!

Tagger sold separately!


Brightly colored ear tags for easy identification of livestock. Available in blank or laser-ink numbering; the Allflex® Global Tag System features improved tag retention. Made from polyurethane, making them completely waterproof, durable and snag proof. Self-piercing male design makes application easy and reduces risk of infection. 

Species: cattle, calf


Easy to read; highly visible from both front and back.

High-quality materials; long-lasting product.

Available in a variety of colors.


3"H x 2 1/4"W

These tags include male buttons.

Colors: blue, green, orange, red, white, yellow, pink and black


Restrain animal and attach the tag to the tag applicator. Position tag so that the neck of the tag is pointing toward the animal’s head.

Insert tag in the middle third of the ear between the upper and lower ridges. Avoid hitting cartilage or blood vessels. Squeeze the applicator quickly and firmly. Always make a new ear hole when applying; do not use existing holes.

Clean and disinfect the applicator between uses.


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