Lamb Nipple - Pritchard


Lamb Nipple - Pritchard

Agri-Pro - This red latex nipple is perfect for lambs, kids, and crias because it closely resembles the mother's teat. 


Fits on regular-mouthed soda bottles. Features a soft, red latex teat with a metal bearing valve inside that allows air to flow, but controls the flow of milk. End of teat can be easily cut with scissors to allow for faster or slower milk flow.

Species: Sheep and goats, crias


Ideal nipple for feeding weak or newborn lambs and kids 

Unique valve allows even flow of milk during nursing and so bottle won't collapse. 

Cannot be pulled from bottle.


Fits many sizes of bottles including 2-liter & 20oz. plastic pop bottles.

Do not put bottles with attached teats in the microwave. Remove the teat first, otherwise it will melt.


Make the appropriate opening in nipple for your needs by either snipping off the tip or putting a slit in the tip vertically. Attach Pritchard nipple to a soda bottle. Clean nipple in a basin to prevent losing the air-flow ball.

Cutting the Pritchard teat

Teats are supplied with no hole in the end and must be cut before use. Two different techniques can be used to cut the teat:

1. The most common technique is to use sharp scissors and snip the tip off cross-ways. The more you snip, the bigger the hole,so don’t overdo it.

2. An alternate method using a new technique, do not cut off the tip, but instead carefully slit the end into two halves with a razor knife. The two halves snap back together when not in use and self seal the end of the teat. Most importantly, this self-sealing method of cutting the teat allows you to place the teat in a partially inverted position, from which the lambs can suck at will.

Helpful hints:

• Be sure not to lose the tiny metal ball that rattles when you shake the teat. The teat will leak without this ball. This rarely happens and primarily only from washing the teats too aggressively.

• Do not use Clorox® to disinfect teats. The strong chemical reacts with the latex and can cause rapid disintegration of the teat.

• Do not leave teats sitting in the sunlight. Especially do not leave them sitting on a window ledge inside a building. This “greenhouse” situation has been known to heat the red latex until it melts into a gooey blob. As all areas of high heat are bad for this type of latex, it‘s best not to leave them close to an “active” wood stove or furnace.

• Do not clean the teats in boiling water. Use only warm water with a small amount of dishwashing detergent.


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