Absorbine Flys-X Ready to Use Insecticide Spray, 32oz

M 054575

Absorbine Flys-X Ready to Use Insecticide Spray, 32oz

Absorbine- A versatile, economical, ready-to-use insecticide and fly spray. Leaves no oily residue and can be applied directly to horses, pets, livestock and barns. 


The perfect livestock fly spray for hobby farmers. Water-based Flys-X is a livestock fly spray ideal for the multi-species fly control needs of hobby farmers. Natural Pyrethrins and Piperonyl Butoxide protect your animals from flies, lice, mosquitoes, mites and gnats.


Water-based (aqueous) formula that contains pyrethrins, a botanical insecticide

For use on horses, foals, cattle, pigs, goats, sheep, donkeys, llamas, poultry, and dogs

Kills horn flies, houseflies, face flies, mosquitoes, gnats, and blood-sucking lice

Kills fleas and ticks on dogs and on premises

Also for both beef cattle and dairy cattle, donkeys, mules, ponies, pigs, sheep, llamas and poultry


Active Ingredients Pyrethrins 0.1%, Piperonyl Butoxide 1.0%

Animal Compatibility Sheep, Pigs, Horses, Goats, Dogs, Donkey, Llama, Cattle, Poultry

Application Method Spray

Concentrated or Ready to Use Ready to Use

Features Livestock water-based fly spray for hobby farmers for multiple species fly control needs.

Longevity Up to 7 days

Targeted Fly Types Deer Flies, Black Flies, House Flies, Gnats, Lice, Mosquitoes, Stable Flies, Ticks, Face Flies, Horn Flies, Horse Flies


Use as a horse and livestock spray by applying with sprayers or a soft cloth. Wet the coat thoroughly to kill a variety of flies or use a light mist to keep mosquitoes, gnats, and flies off the coat. Repeat daily as needed.

Can also be used on dogs and foals to kill fleas and brown dog ticks and as a premise/household spray. Follow label directions carefully to use in those manners.

M 054575

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