AOE Animal Odor Eliminator Deodorizing Wipes, 80 Count


AOE Animal Odor Eliminator Deodorizing Wipes, 80 Count

Thornell - Banish stinky smells with Thornell’s A.O.E. Animal Odor Eliminator Wipes! 


This handy pet wipe is specifically designed to remove offensive odors from your best fur pal's skin and coat. Its mild formula is gentle enough to be used on all pets, yet powerful enough to eradicate even the strongest of smells. Plus, A.O.E is uniquely formulated to work without the use enzymes, which don’t always work. So you can confidently pack them in your glove compartment or take them with you when you travel, knowing that they’ll always get the job done!


Convenient wipe form is waterless and rinse-less, making it easy to deodorize your pet between baths.

Mild formula won’t irritate skin sensitive skin or dry out your pet’s coat.

Non-toxic and mild, so it can even be used safely on hands, walls, counters and floors.

Non-enzyme formula quickly and effectively stops foul odors at the source without masking smells.

Made in the USA by a Family-owned company that uses only high-quality ingredients.


Spot test for color fastness before applying to any fabric.

Keep out of reach of children.

Store in a dry and cool environment.


Easy clean-up for eyes and ears or use as a waterless pet bath. Use in litter trays, kennels and cages. Safe for use on hands, the pet, and other surfaces such as walls, floors, and counters. Professionals may also use for cleaning up after anal gland secretions or deodorizing exam room tables and equipment.


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