Synovex Plus Implant 100ct.


Synovex Plus Implant 100ct.

Zoetis - Synovex Plus cattle implant is recommended for increased rate of weight and improved feed efficiency in steers and for increased rate of weight-gain in heifers fed in confinement for slaughter.

Approximate 130 day implant

Implant guns must be purchased separately! 


Synovex Plus cattle implant from Zoetis is recommended for increased rate of weight and improved feed efficiency in steers and for increased rate of weight gain in heifers fed in confinement for slaughter. Contains 200 mg of trenbolone acetate and 28 mg of estradiol benzoate. The most potent single implant available to producers, this unique hormone ratio provides a nice balance of performance and quality grade. For use to increase weight gain and feed efficiency in heifers and steers fed in confinement for slaughter.

Species: Beef steers and heifers


Foil-lined pouch packaging requires no refrigeration.

Studies show Synovex Plus is effective for approximately 130 days.

Recommended for steers and heifers fed in confinement for slaughter.


Not for dairy or beef replacement heifers.

No withdrawal.  

Do not use in veal calves

Caution: Bulling, vaginal and rectal prolapse, udder development, ventral edema and elevated tailheads have occasionally been reported in heifers administered Synovex Plus Implants.


Dosage: One implant (eight pellets), containing 200 mg of trenbolone acetate and 28 mg of estradiol benzoate, is administered to each steer or heifer by subcutaneous implantation in the middle one-third of the ear.


Step 1: Loading the SX-10 gun 

Load the SX10 gun following the directions outlined in the instruction manual accompanying each SX10 gun.

Step 2: Restraint

The animal must be confined in a restraint mechanism (squeeze chute or head gate). The implant site on the back of the ear should be prepared by scrubbing with a generous-sized piece of cotton that has been soaked in a germicidal solution.
If implanting horned cattle, greater safety is provided when the head is controlled by the use of a bull lead (nose tongs).

Step 3: Implant Site 

Divide the ear into three imaginary sections as illustrated. The implanted pellets should be deposited in the center one-third of the ear as shown. To accomplish this, the SX10 gun needle should be inserted in the outer one-third of the ear as indicated by the illustration. Implanting too close to the head may cause abnormal sexual behavior. Care should be taken to avoid severing the major arteries of the ear.
Step 4: Insert Needle 

Just before grasping the ear with one hand, release the safety by striking the butt of the gun. Holding the SX10 gun firmly with the other hand, penetrate the skin at the point shown by the illustration. Thrust the needle under the skin taking care not to penetrate the cartilage. Ease the SX10 gun forward (toward the base of the ear) until the full needle length is beneath the skin.
Step 5: Pellet Implantation 

When the needle is completely inserted, activate the instrument by squeezing the trigger completely. Do not withdraw the needle, but allow the automatic needle retractor to release the pellets. This will allow the pellets to be deposited in a straight line in the path of the retracted needle.
Step 6: Inspection 

Check the implant site. If properly administered, the implants should lie in a straight line under the skin.
Disinfect the SX10 gun needle in a germicidal solution and re-cock the instrument by rotating the cocking grip left, pull back, rotate right, then push all the way forward. You are now ready to implant the next animal.


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