Clean Up II Insecticide Pour On 1/2 gallon


Clean Up II Insecticide w/IGR Pour On 64oz.

Bayer - Clean-Up II Pour-On Insecticide with IGR is a ready-to-use suspension for control of flies and both biting and sucking lice. 


First pour-on containing an insect growth regulator (IGR) approved for topical application on livestock. For use in the control of sucking and chewing lice in all stages of development on beef and dairy cattle and horses. For use as an aid in the control of house flies, stable flies, horse flies, black flies, horn flies, deer flies and cattle ticks on beef and dairy cattle and horses. The dual-action formula helps delay or prevent pesticide resistance.

Species: Beef and dairy cattle, calves and horses

Contains 3% diflubenzuron, 5% permethrin and petroleum distillate. 


Uniquely formulated with an insect growth regulator.

Dual action formula helps prevent or delay pesticide resistance making this product more effective for longer periods of time.

Controls lice at all stages with one application.

No pre-slaughter or milk withholding period



 0.5 gal treats a minimum of 63 animals

 2.5 gal treats a minimum of 316 animals


Beef and dairy cattle and mature horse dosage: Apply 3 ml per 100 lbs of bodyweight (up to a maximum of 30 ml for any one animal) along the backline and down the face. Apply with ladle or applicator gun.

Horses and foals: Use as a wipe-on product; apply 3 ml per 100 lbs of bodyweight with a damp cloth or mitt. Apply over hair paying special attention to legs, shoulders, neck and facial areas where pests tend to congregate.


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