Tri-Zap Insecticide Tags 20ct


Tri-Zap Insecticide Tags 20ct

Y-Tex - The NEW Tri-Zap fly tags are a sustained release tag containing a synergized formulation of Zetacypermethrin. 

Apply with Y-Tex UltraTagger plus sold separately!


Tri-Zap insecticide cattle ear tags are a sustained released, plastic ear tags containing a synergized formulation of zetacypermethrin, a potent S-isomer pyrethroid compound and abamectin, a highly active macrocyclic lactone. This specific combination of active ingredients has never been used on cattle before. Provides control against nuisance horn flies, face flies, lice, and spinose ear ticks. Safe to use on beef and dairy cattle, including lactating dairy cows and calves. Helps reduce blood loss in cattle due to horn fly feeding and controls the mechanical vector of Moraxella bovis, preventing the spread of pink eye. Y-tex tagger, blue/turquiose color tag.

Active Ingredients:

Zetacypermethrin (F2700)................. 3.17%
Abamectin ........................................... 6.00%
Piperonyl Butoxide* ......................... 20.00%
OTHER INGREDIENTS ..................... 70.83%
TOTAL ............................................ 100.00%
*(butylcarbityl) (6-propylpiperonyl) ether
and related compounds


TRI-ZAP is the only tag worldwide to contain a combination of pyrethroid and macrocyclic lactone compounds, both of which are synergized with Piperonyl Butoxide.

Labeled for use on Beef and Dairy Cattle, including calves and lactating Dairy Cows.

No withdrawal period for meat or milk.

Controls Horn Flies for up to four months with two tags per head.

Controls Face Flies (mechanical vector of Moraxella bovis, the bacterium which causes “Pink Eye” in cattle) in calves with two tags per head.

Reduces blood loss in cattle due to Horn Fly feeding.

One or two tags per head controls Face Flies for up to two months.

Two tags per head controls Lice and Spinose Ear Ticks for up to three months.

Has the Y-TEX Snap-Lok® collar for guaranteed retention against tag or button failure for five months.

For management of insecticide resistance, TRI-ZAP is ideal for rotation with other insecticide ear tags according to Y-TEX’s recommended rotation program.


Keep out of reach of children.

Store in a cool, dark place in original container, away from direct sunlight.

Opened bags containing ear tags should be resealed for storage.

Remove tags before slaughter.

To minimize development of insecticide resistance, remove used tags at end of season and follow the Y-TEX recommended tag rotation program.


Apply with Y-Tex UltraTagger plus.

For optimum control of all pests listed, use 2 tags per animal—1 tag per ear (tag all animals in the herd, including calves), and replace as necessary.

For adequate control of horn flies and face flies, use 1 tag per animal, (tag all mature animals in the herd) and replace as necessary.

Prevents feeding and irritation by horn flies for up to 4 months with 2 tags per animal and up to 2 months with 1 tag per animal.

Prevents feeding and irritation by lice and spinose ear ticks for up to 3 months with 2 tags per animal.

Prevents feeding and irritation by face flies for up to 2 months with 1 or 2 tags per animal.


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