M 540010

Intersect II Pour-On Insecticide, 2.5 Gallon

VetOne- Controls lice and flies on beef cattle, lactating and non-lactating dairy cattle and calves when applied as a pour-on, mist spray or back rubber.


Pour-on insecticide for lactating and non-lactating dairy cattle, beef cattle, calves and sheep. Controls lice and flies on cattle and keds on sheep.


One gallon will treat 25 head of (1,000 lb) cattle.

Available as a gallon or a 2.5 gallon


Key Insects: lice, flies, horn flies, stable flies, house flies, mosquitoes, ticks

Active Ingredients: Permethrin 1% and Piperonyl Butoxide 1%


Use Sites: cattle, lactating, non-lactating, beef, dairy, cows, calves, sheep, lambs; pour on, mist spray, back rubber, ready to use.

Use as a fogger when mixed with BP 100 at a rate of 3 parts Intersect II to 1 part BP 100.

M 540010

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